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Let's face it, YouTube is full of fakers. If you want a channel with honest reactions and honest reviews, The Balding Plebs is the channel for you!

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Far Cry New Dawn The Game Awards Trailer Reaction 2018! Meh! What do you all think about the newly announced Far Cry New Dawn? Let us know...BELOW! WELCOME PLEBHEADS!...
2018-12-14 6:00:14 AM ● 5 views ● 5:28 100.00% liked
Game of the Year?! Red Dead Redemption 2 No BS Review! Full Breakdown and Analysis
Today, Jdog breaks down his experience with the acclaimed Red Dead Redemption 2! What are your thoughts? Let us know...BELOW! WELCOME PLEBHEADS!...
2018-12-13 1:30:03 PM ● 61 views ● 37:26 100.00% liked
Welcome to Our Channel!
WELCOME PLEBHEADS! Love our Work?! Then why not become a Patron and support us on Patreon Today! Thinking...
2018-12-12 3:13:00 PM ● 65 views ● 2:57 85.71% liked
Devil May Cry 5 Full Exclusive Demo Playthrough and Breakdown!  Our Thoughts! XBox One!
Devil May Cry 5 is coming in 2019 and this demo was just a little...VERY LITTLE taste of what is to come. We enjoyed our time with the demo and...
2018-12-12 1:30:00 PM ● 138 views ● 34:33 88.89% liked
Pleb Talk Episode 04: Monster Hunter World Iceborne Expansion, G Rank Discussion and Hopes!
Welcome to episode 4 of Pleb Talk! Tonight, we are discussing the upcoming Iceborne Expansion for Monster Hunter World! What do you think? Let...
2018-12-11 5:03:11 PM ● 113 views ● 1:01:00 93.33% liked
Monster Hunter: World
NEW CONTENT! Reacting to the Monster Hunter World Developer Update December 10, 2018! Geralt, Kulve, Narga and so much more! We are excited for the things to come and want...
2018-12-11 6:45:00 AM ● 407 views ● 16:41 100.00% liked
Monster Hunter: World
GERALT IS COMING! Reacting to Monster Hunter World x The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Crossover! Geralt of Rivia is coming to Monster Hunter World! We can't wait for this awesome crossover!...
2018-12-10 6:00:00 PM ● 207 views ● 2:16 100.00% liked
NARGACUGA! Reacting to Monster Hunter World Iceborne Expansion Teaser Trailer! Was that...NARGACUGA!? Let us know your thoughts on this...BELOW! Iceborne is coming...WE ARE JACKED!...
2018-12-10 3:06:39 PM ● 1,297 views ● 8:08 97.30% liked
Monster Hunter: World
THE TYRANT! Reacting to Resident Evil 2 Remake UNSTOPPABLE TYRANT Gameplay! Claire! There's nothing else for us to say about Resident Evil 2 Remake except GIVE US A DEMO ALREADY! What...
2018-12-10 6:00:00 AM ● 696 views ● 7:50 97.62% liked
OPEN WORLD GAMEPLAY! Rage 2 Open World Trailer!  The Game Awards 2018 LIVE REACTION!
This video was recorded live during the Game Awards 2018! What did you think? Let us know...BELOW! WELCOME PLEBHEADS! Love our Work?! Then why...
2018-12-09 1:45:02 PM ● 133 views ● 2:07 100.00% liked
Rage 2 (2019)