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What's up guys! I'm Rand al Thor 19, the Man with the Million. I post daily videos about the gaming industry as well as reviews from the AAA blockbusters down to the small indies.

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Xbox Executive's PROBLEM with "Whiny" Reviewers
Xbox Corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra really set Twitter on fire today, after a tweet talking about whiny reviewers and their lack of knowledge...
2019-02-20 2:00:28 PM ● 5,281 views ● 14:48 83.64% liked
RUMOR: Former Xbox One Exclusive Scalebound COMING BACK for Nintendo Switch
Rumors are pointing to Platinum Games cancelled Xbox One exclusive Scalebound getting revived on the Nintendo Switch. Pretty crazy stuff if its...
2019-02-18 5:00:35 PM ● 5,675 views ● 11:26 96.36% liked
Crackdown 3 | Xbox Game Pass | Xbox First Party Future - The Xbox Two #82
Rand and Jez are back once again for the weekly Xbox Two Podcast. This week the guys will be giving their thoughts on Crackdown 3 and the reviews...
2019-02-16 3:38:03 PM ● 5,624 views ● 1:54:27 95.36% liked
Crackdown 3 Review - The Honest Truth
After a long wait, Crackdown 3 is finally here! This is my Crackdown 3 review with all footage captured from my Xbox One X. It's available on...
2019-02-14 6:01:02 AM ● 16,545 views ● 14:16 88.80% liked
PlayStation Confirms Fewer But Bigger PS5 Exclusives | Sony Skips E3 Cause of Nothing New to Show
It seems that going forward, Sony will be making less first party PS5 exclusives but the games they do make will be bigger. Because of this,...
2019-02-13 8:15:00 PM ● 3,220 views ● 10:53 94.37% liked
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PlayStation's Shawn Layden CAUGHT LYING About Cross-Play?!
In a recent interview, Sony's Shawn Layden went on the record about how any developer can get cross-play implemented in their game. All you have...
2019-02-13 4:20:19 PM ● 3,475 views ● 11:44 92.44% liked
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Crackdown 3 Multiplayer has SHOCKING Missing Feature - Is This Acceptable in 2019?
Crackdown 3 won't allow friends to party up and play the Wrecking Zone Multiplayer together at launch, and I for one think this is completely...
2019-02-11 5:00:16 PM ● 5,531 views ● 5:59 88.22% liked
Xbox Game Studios | Apex Legends | Xbox Live on Switch - The Xbox Two Podcast #81
Rand and Jez are back with the weekly Xbox Two Podcast. This week the guys will be talking about Apex Legends and its sudden success, Xbox Live...
2019-02-08 4:22:57 PM ● 4,740 views ● 2:07:01 93.75% liked
Apex Legends
PS5 Might Be The ULTIMATE PlayStation Console
A new patent suggests that Sony is taking backwards compatibility seriously for the PS5. If this is true, the PlayStation 5 might be able to...
2019-02-07 5:40:07 PM ● 13,343 views ● 10:47 91.74% liked
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Sony Sees HUGE Stock Drop Based on WEAK PS4 Business | PS5 Coming Early 2020?
Sony reported weaker profits in its PS4 business and cut its annual revenue forecast, triggering the steepest share decline in almost three and...
2019-02-06 5:20:25 PM ● 5,842 views ● 12:16 87.02% liked
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