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What's up guys! I'm Rand al Thor 19, the Man with the Million. I post daily videos about the gaming industry as well as reviews from the AAA blockbusters down to the small indies.

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Xbox One S All Digital Edition PRICE LEAK - Can It Really Be This EXPENSIVE?
It seems we have a price leak for the Xbox One S All Digital Edition aka Xbox Maverick ahead of its possible reveal on Inside Xbox and it doesn't...
2019-04-13 6:07:08 PM ● 4,258 views ● 10:11 96.33% liked
Xbox SLAMS Google Stadia Over Lack of 'Content' | Project xCloud vs Stadia
A Xbox Executive calls out Google over the fact that Stadia will lack content.... content that you can easily find on Xbox consoles, Win 10 PC...
2019-04-12 5:00:33 PM ● 2,402 views ● 10:35 96.07% liked
Xbox E3 2019 Leaks | Xbox Game Pass Ultimate | Sekiro Easy Difficulty - The Xbox Two #87
Rand and Jez are back once again for the weekly Xbox Two Podcast. This week the guys will be talking about those Xbox E3 2019 Leaks, Xbox Game...
2019-04-11 4:44:55 PM ● 4,291 views ● 2:26:56 95.07% liked
Xbox Game Pass April 2019 Update - 3 Months for $1
Microsoft just revealed the 6 games coming to Xbox Game Pass in April 2019. The six games are Monster Hunter: World, Prey, The Golf Club 2, The...
2019-04-10 10:00:55 AM ● 4,035 views ● 10:12 98.15% liked
MASSIVE NEW Xbox E3 2019 'Leak' | New Xbox Games and Next Gen Hardware - Is it True?
Another day, another leak regarding Xbox's E3 2019 surfaces. This one goes over the usual stuff like Halo Infinite, Gears 5, and Ori 2 being...
2019-04-09 8:00:06 PM ● 7,961 views ● 11:24 96.11% liked
Halo Infinite: Is it 'The Biggest & Most Expensive Project In Gaming History'?
Halo Infinite is rumored to have a budget of around $500 Million dollars and is being called The Biggest and Most Expensive Project in Gaming...
2019-04-08 6:02:06 PM ● 5,255 views ● 11:02 97.65% liked
A Dark Souls Noob Reviews Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
As someone who has never played the Dark Souls series or Bloodborne, I thought it would be interesting to review Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. A...
2019-03-30 2:35:25 PM ● 2,506 views ● 14:40 98.07% liked
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
EA and DICE Really Screwed Up Battlefield 5 Firestorm Battle Royale
Battlefield's V Battle Royale Mode, Firestorm, is finally out now and I can't help but think EA and DICE have really screwed up what should have...
2019-03-27 5:43:11 PM ● 2,872 views ● 10:26 82.42% liked
Sony's State of Play: Quite Underwhelming
Sony's State of Play debuted today and it very much was a PlayStation Direct... but it wasn't very good at all. Just a collection of VR trailers...
2019-03-25 5:36:34 PM ● 5,163 views ● 5:00 90.24% liked
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Google Stadia | Xbox vs Google vs PlayStation | Is Cloud Streaming the Future? - The Xbox Two #86
Rand and Jez are back once again for the weekly Xbox Two podcast. This week the guys will be talking about Google Stadia and its impact on the...
2019-03-21 4:23:59 PM ● 4,800 views ● 1:47:56 96.19% liked
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