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PR GameWorld is a content creator on YouTube with at least 17.6 thousand subscribers, publishing 895 videos which altogether total more than 5.09 million views.

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About PR GameWorld

Hello. I'm PR. Here you'll find
1) Walk-through & Game-plays from various different games
2) Tips, tricks & easy methods
3) Money Guides for GTA Online
4) Latest news & updates GTA
5) Comparisons, reviews, etc from GTA Online + other games so it helps players to know & decide to buy or not

I'm also a serious GTA player (Hardcore money grinding) but help friends & other players. I spend allot of time in this game trying to figure out the best possible methods to make money by gathering info from various sources & trying out myself and then sorting the best methods of which i'll be bringing to you all.
I'm a legit player & i'm against cheaters/griefers/tryhards.

I believe in making Quality content rather than trash click-bait useless videos.
If you have anything to ask/enquire then get in touch with me either in the comments or my email.

Subscribe & Stay tuned for more awesome content! Cheers :)

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PR GameWorld Focused On Grand Theft Auto V

The majority of the video content for PR GameWorld revolves around Grand Theft Auto V, making up around 93.30% of the channel's total videos and 98.29% of the total views.

100 Videos on YouTube Milestone for PR GameWorld

On July 31, 2019, PR GameWorld reaches 100 videos on YouTube with the release of the Grand Theft Auto V video "New HIDDEN Annis Hellion : Badass Offroad Customization Build - Unreleased Casino DLC Car GTA Online", which has 4,174 views and 46 likes.