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Welcome to TheHiveLeader's YouTube channel! Home of silly videos done by TheHiveLeader, and often times guest starring his wife, The WWMC (just call her Wibbles) and kids...
If you've come here looking for in-depth analysis on games, you've come to the wrong place! I aim to entertain and maybe slightly inform... mostly the prior. So sit back, take a chill pill, and just enjoy!

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Sword Art Online - Don't Mess With Developers - TheHiveLeader
By popular demand, TheHiveLeader has finally caved and decided to talk about Sword Art Online. So let's watch the first episode and see how exactly...
2019-03-31 8:37:21 AM ● 15,637 views ● 7:23 97.99% liked
MERIDIAN 59 is STILL Amazing - TheHiveLeader
Meridian 59 is one of the original MMOs, and it's still running. In fact, it's now on Steam for free! Completely free. And if you've never played...
2019-03-27 7:19:44 PM ● 7,624 views ● 8:55 99.62% liked
Deity S-Mic 2 for YouTube and Streaming (New Channel Concept) - TheHiveLeader Talks Hardware
This is a concept video for a new channel (still unnamed) where Hive talks about hardware and tech related to YouTube'ing and streaming. Having...
2019-03-19 9:06:16 PM ● 2,306 views ● 5:53 95.26% liked
What If Your Agent Talked in The Division 2? (Parody) - REDUX - TheHiveLeader
I didn't much care for my first go at this video. So... ROUND 2! Your Agent in The Division 2 gets thrown into A LOT of crazy situations, and...
2019-03-16 8:49:22 PM ● 5,395 views ● 7:26 96.46% liked
Torchlight Frontiers - Alpha First Impressions - TheHiveLeader
Torchlight Frontiers just dropped their NDA! That means it's time for TheHiveLeader to talk about one not only one of the most anticipated MMOs,...
2019-03-08 9:33:31 PM ● 56,868 views ● 7:33 93.78% liked
First Impressions
KurtzPel - Closed Beta Test - TheHiveLeader
This video is sponsored by KurtzPel. Add KurtzPel to your Steam Wishlist - KurtzPel's Website -
2019-02-28 2:54:49 PM ● 10,810 views ● 6:15 99.20% liked
My [Quick] Thoughts on Anthem - Anthem Launch - TheHiveLeader
Anthem has launched, and there's a lot of opinions out there. Not one to ride trains, TheHiveLeader is here to give his quick thoughts on Anthem's...
2019-02-26 4:05:01 PM ● 9,300 views ● 2:09 96.28% liked
What If Your Tenno Talked From The Beginning? - Part 2 - Warframe (Parody) - TheHiveLeader
Will Hive defeat the oddly alluring Vor? Will Ordis ever shut up? There's only one way to find out! This is Part 2 of "What if Your Tenno...
2019-02-21 9:30:00 AM ● 29,589 views ● 11:22 98.31% liked
Warframe (2013)
Crafting - MMO IRL - TheHiveLeader
Crafting is a vital part of any MMO, even IRL. TheHiveLeader took up the knitting skill. That probably wasn't the best idea. SUBSCRIBE -
2019-02-14 8:44:44 AM ● 5,632 views ● 0:20 99.78% liked
What If Your Tenno Talked From The Beginning? - Part 1 - Warframe (Parody) - TheHiveLeader
In Warframe, your Tenno talks much later in the game... but what if they talked throughout the entire game? Turns out, you're still a badass,...
2019-02-07 9:00:19 AM ● 74,007 views ● 13:01 96.12% liked
Warframe (2013)