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Welcome to TheHiveLeader's YouTube channel! Home of silly videos done by TheHiveLeader, and often times guest starring his wife, The WWMC (just call her Wibbles) and kids...
If you've come here looking for in-depth analysis on games, you've come to the wrong place! I aim to entertain and maybe slightly inform... mostly the prior. So sit back, take a chill pill, and just enjoy!

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Crafting - MMO IRL - TheHiveLeader
Crafting is a vital part of any MMO, even IRL. TheHiveLeader took up the knitting skill. That probably wasn't the best idea. SUBSCRIBE -
2019-02-14 8:44:44 AM ● 4,193 views ● 0:20 99.75% liked
What If Your Tenno Talked From The Beginning? - Part 1 - Warframe (Parody) - TheHiveLeader
In Warframe, your Tenno talks much later in the game... but what if they talked throughout the entire game? Turns out, you're still a badass,...
2019-02-07 9:00:19 AM ● 59,207 views ● 13:01 95.99% liked
Warframe (2013)
Being A Healer In Real Life - MMO IRL - TheHiveLeader
Healing in real life... Not super effective. Why did Hive hit Kyle with a hammer? Try to keep up! SUBSCRIBE...
2019-02-01 8:30:01 AM ● 6,757 views ● 0:17 99.33% liked
Is ANTHEM Any Good? - Anthem VIP Demo Impressions - TheHiveLeader
This weekend was the Anthem VIP Demo, allowing many players their first look at the game. Being a major fan of looter shooters, TheHiveLeader...
2019-01-28 5:15:00 PM ● 17,708 views ● 9:52 98.74% liked
A Bullet Hell MMO? - Survived By - First Impressions - TheHiveLeader
Survived By is a bullet hell MMO with permadeath! That's a new one. Having recently hit Early Access on Steam, TheHiveLeader is jumping in to...
2019-01-24 9:43:52 PM ● 16,765 views ● 5:36 98.80% liked
First Impressions
Inventory in Real Life - MMO IRL - TheHiveLeader
Inventory doesn't really work that same in real life as it does in MMOs. I think I'm gonna need a bigger bag... SUBSCRIBE -
2019-01-19 9:30:00 AM ● 7,625 views ● 0:50 99.21% liked
What If Link Talked? - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Parody) - TheHiveLeader
Link is one of gamings most famous silent protagonists... But what if he talked? TheHiveLeader gives Link a voice for his latest outing in Breath...
2019-01-15 8:30:00 AM ● 16,043 views ● 12:49 98.21% liked
Fetch Quests in Real Life - MMO IRL - TheHiveLeader
Fetch quests are annoying in MMOs. Unsurprisingly they're just as annoying in real life... SUBSCRIBE - DONATE PATREON-
2019-01-12 8:30:01 AM ● 8,653 views ● 0:36 99.03% liked
A New Co-Op ARPG - Breach - TheHiveLeader
Breach is a new Co-Op ARPG hitting early access on Steam very soon. But is it worth your time? TheHiveLeader is here to help you out with that...
2019-01-09 8:00:00 AM ● 16,476 views ● 6:30 98.96% liked
Leveling Up In Real Life - MMO IRL - TheHiveLeader
What's it like leveling up in real life? Turns out... Not great There are MANY more of these coming. MMO IRL is a new series of short skits showing...
2019-01-05 9:00:01 AM ● 7,983 views ● 0:19 99.51% liked