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Counter-Strike Videos is a YouTube content creator with over 9.86 thousand subscribers. His content totals at least 2.61 million views views across roughly 1.57 thousand videos.

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Top 100 Videos With The Most Comments by Counter-Strike Videos

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1.Partially blind/deaf gamer "Lo0p" gets amazing support by the CS:GO community367Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2.Case Opening Reaction Compilation #3 (Sparkles, Dinglederper, SonyaTheEvil, etc.) | CS:GO209Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
3.CS:GO Rage Compilation (Pros, Streamer, ESL, Twitch, Stream)173Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
4.GuardiaN - Return of the AWP GOD [Fragmovie]133Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
5.Rest in Peace K1KA (Funny moments, Lovely Memories, Twitch Highlights)62Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
6.A CS:GO Player without Hands - The Story of Stumpsy49Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
7.CS:GO Girls Compilation (Aces, Case Openings, Funny moments, Stream)40Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
8.NiKo vs. coldzera! Highlights - FaZe vs. SK at ESL One Cologne 2017 | CS:GO28VlogCounter-Strike: Global Offensive
9.Ultimate Twitch Girls Compilation 3 (Twitch, Fails, Fun, Girls) #Fails #Compilation #Girls #Twitch23Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
10.Dust 2 Mods & Maps (Snow, Night, Rain, Classic, Source) | CS:GO22Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
11.f0rest - Living Legend | Fragmovie21Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
12.Rain - The Force of FaZe [Fragmovie]21Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
13.Cheater Exposed Compilation (Lan, Live, ESL, FPL, Twitch)20Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
14.Case Opening Reaction Compilation #2 (OMGitsfirefoxx, KittyPlays, Chelxie, shox, etc.) | CS:GO19Let's PlayCounter-Strike: Global Offensive
15.Best of Thorin Roast Compilation (ESL, FPL, Twitch, Stream) | CS:GO18Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
16.Case Opening Reaction Compilation #1 (JorgoTheBeast, Dinglederper, etc.) | CS:GO18Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
17.BEST OF FROZEN - 14y old Pro Gamer Compilation (ESL, Twitch, Stream Highlights)18Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
18.ropz - Prodigy [Fragmovie]17Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
19.Best of electronic Compilation (ESL, FPL, Twitch, Stream) | CS:GO16Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
20.koosta vs. Vega Squad - 4K at cs_summit 2 | CS:GO15Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
21.ScreaM - King of Precision [Fragmovie]15Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
22.Ultimate Twitch Girls Compilation (Funny Moments, Fails, Cringe)15
23.XANTARES - Going to the Top [Fragmovie]14Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
24.Ultimate Twitch Girls Compilation 2 (Pokimane, Mia Khalifa, Alinity etc.)14Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
25.Best of tabseN Compilation (ESL, FPL, Twitch, Stream) | CS:GO13Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
26.Fast only Headshot Ace with Dual Berettas by SimSiyah [Community Video] | CS:GO13Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
27.The Unexpected Journey of an AWP-Bullet | CS:GO13Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
28.Best of keev Compilation (ESL, FPL, Twitch, Stream) | CS:GO13Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
29.flusha - Señor Vac [Fragmovie]13Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
30.Easy Guide to Record a High Quality CSGO Video? Tutorial* | CS:GO12GuideCounter-Strike: Global Offensive
31.Best of Perfecto - 2021 (PGL Major, FPL, Twitch, IEM Cologne, Blast)11VlogCounter-Strike: Global Offensive
32.EASY Smoke for Overpaas A! #csgonades #csgotipsandtricks #csgotips #csgo #csgoshorts11Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
33.JDC - "NEXT SUPERSTAR?" (FPL, FaceIt, Twitch, Stream Highlights)9Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
34.NEO - Tribute to a Legend [Fragmovie]9Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
35.Rush B Cyka Blyat! Funny Song! | CS:GO9Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
36.chrisJ vs. Kinguin - 4K at ESL Pro League S5 EU | CS:GO9Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
37.kennyS vs. LDLC - 4K at ESL Pro League S5 EU | CS:GO9Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
38.Let me Ninja Defuse, my Friend! | CS:GO9Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
39.4K with AK-47 on Mirage [Community Video] | CS:GO9Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
40.SIGMA Grindset | Boombl4 (CSGO, Map Picks)9Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
41.Ninja Defuse +4K | CS:GO8Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
42.VAC Ban for BOT Brad please! Funny! | CS:GO8Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
43.torzsi - "NEXT AWP KING!" (FPL, FaceIt, Twitch, Stream Highlights)8Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
44.xms vs. GODSENT - Ace at ESL Pro League S6 EU | CS:GO8Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
45.m0NESY - "THE NEXT s1mple!" (Fight Night, FaceIt, Twitch, Stream Highlights)8Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
46.Glock 5K on de_mirage | CS:GO8Counter-Strike: Global Offensive vs. Legacy - Ace at IEM Sydney 2017 ANZ CQ | CS:GO8Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
48.b0RUP vs. LDLC - Ace at ESL One New York EU Open Qualifier | CS:GO8Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
49.Insane 360 AWP No Scope | CS:GO8Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
50.XANTARES vs. Gambit | CS:GO8Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
51.1uke vs. EPG - AWP Ace at Hellcase Cup 1 | CS:GO7Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
52.BnTeT vs. Flash - Ace at ESL ONE Cologne 2017 China CQ | CS:GO7VlogCounter-Strike: Global Offensive
53.Quick and Easy HUD Configurator - Mods & Maps | CS:GO7Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
54.ScreaM vs. mousesports - 4K Headshots only | CS:GO7Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
55.paz vs. EnVyUs - Ace at WESG 2016 World Finals | CS:GO7Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
56.pashaBiceps - Do it like Papa [Fragmovie]7Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
57.jdm64 vs. EnVyUs - Ace at ELEAGUE Major | CS:GO7Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
58.Bikinibottom? Mods & Maps #2 (Inferno Dawn, Mirage Dusk, Dust 2 Halloween) | CS:GO7Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
59.AWP Ace on Cache by Chamamber with last second defuse [Community Video] | CS:GO7Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
60.B1t - "THE NEXT s1mple!" (PGL Major, FPL, Twitch, IEM Cologne, BLast)7Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
61.How to turn your Knife into a Flame Sword! Funny! | CS:GO7GuideCounter-Strike: Global Offensive
62.Best of s1mple Compilation ( ESL, FPL, Twitch, Stream Highlights)7Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
63.Best of Krimz 2018 Compilation (FPL, ESL, Twitch) | CS:GO7Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
64.kennyS vs. Quantum Bellator Fire - 4K at ELEAGUE Major 2018 | CS:GO6Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
65.EASY Dust2 CT-Ramp Smoke! #csgonades #counterstrike #dust2 #csgo6Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
66.BIG Clan - BIG Plays [Fragmovie]6Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
67.Triple Glock Burst Headshot | CS:GO6Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
68.peelk vs. Infinity Ace at LVP S11 Division de Honor Finals | CS:GO6Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
69.Best of electronic - 2021 (PGL Major, FPL, Twitch, IEM Cologne, Blast)6Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
70.EASY Way to Smoke XboX from TSpawn on #dust2! #csgonades #csgonade #csgotips #csgotricks #csgoshorts6Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
71.dupreeh vs. FaZe - Ace at IEM Katowice 2017 | CS:GO6Counter-Strike: Source
72.Top 5 | CS:GO Skins Case Opening Reactions6Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
73.That's how messed up Hitboxes in CS:GO are (funny!) | CS:GO5Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
74.Best of NiKo 2018 Compilation (FPL, ESL, Twitch) | CS:GO5Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
75.Best of NiKo Compilation (ESL, Twitch, FPL, Stream Highlights)5Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
76.BENDJI vs. Planetkey Dynamics - Ace at ESEA Premier S25 EU | CS:GO5Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
77.FalleN - The Emperor of CS:GO [Fragmovie]5Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
78.Best of CS:GO Reddit #7 (Fails, Funny Moments, FPL, ESL, Twitch) #CSGO #Reddit #BestOf5Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
79.Most Silver Clutch EVER! | CS:GO5Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
80.Crazy Wallbang on de_inferno | CS:GO5Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
81.Fast AK-47 Ace by dreamsport Wallinger [Community Video] | CS:GO5Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
82.ngiN vs. FlipSid3 - 4K at ESEA Premier S25 EU | CS:GO5Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
83.boltz vs. Liquid - 4K at SL i-League S3 NA Qualifier | CS:GO5Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
84.Fast USP-S Ace on Train by zn1GOD [Community Video] | CSGO5Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
85.Insane AWP Luckshot | CS:GO5Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
86.EASY Smoke for Dust2 Short! #csgonades #csgotips #csgotipsandtricks #dust2 #dust2nades5Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
87.coldzera vs. mousesports - 4K at ESL Pro League S5 Finals | CS:GO5Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
88.NBK vs. Space Soldiers - Ace at WESG 2016 World Finals | CS:GO5Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
89.ins vs. Renegades - 4K at IEM Sydney 2017 | CS:GO5Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
90.oddo vs. DIVIZON - Ace at 99Damage League S4 | CS:GO5Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
91.1vs5 Ace on Cache [Community Video] | CS:GO5Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
92.Worst possible Timing | CS:GO5Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
93.Sorry Mate! Funny Teamkill! | CS:GO5Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
94.exit vs. TeamOne - Ace at Liga PRO Alienware GamersClub #24Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
95.allu vs. mousesports - 4K at ESL Pro League S5 EU | CS:GO4Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
96.AdreN - Adrenaline [Fragmovie] | CS:GO4Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
97.REZ - Rising Ninja [Fragmovie]4Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
98.Top 5 | Pro Fails (feat. NiKo, summit, denis)4Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
99.ENCE - Legends | IEM Katowice 2019 Fragmovie | CS:GO4Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
100.Top 5 | Pro spray downs (feat. n0thing, Snax, coldzera) | CS:GO4Counter-Strike: Global Offensive