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Osarus is a Danish content creator on YouTube with 484 subscribers. He published 36 videos which altogether total at least 31.56 thousand views.

Created on ● Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/@osarus_TV

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2024-03-29System for Auto feeding of Printers - Stationeers - A Let's Play E211:03:1860Let's PlayStationeers
2024-03-24Setup of Manufacturing Room - Stationeers - A Let's Play E201:14:33233Let's PlayStationeers
2024-03-11Stationeers - Introduction to and understand IC10 - Tutorial30:46529TutorialStationeers
2024-03-02Automate Smelting system - Stationeers - A Let's Play E1959:54390Let's PlayStationeers
2024-02-24Time to automate the Advanced Furnace - Stationeers - A Let's Play Series E1857:30418Let's PlayStationeers
2024-02-21Lets Build a Automated Ore Dispenser - Stationeers - A Let's Play Series E1552:36378Let's PlayStationeers
2024-02-17Lets Build a Indoor Living space - Stationeers - A Let's Play Series E161:04:00579Let's PlayStationeers
2024-01-18Stationeers - Make the New Rockets Automated, Sort of - Tutorial48:52755WalkthroughStationeers
2023-12-31Stationeers - Understand The Rocket Update - Tutorial41:062,638TutorialStationeers
2023-12-02Time to Launch the Rockets - Stationeers - A Let's Play Series E151:09:49614Let's PlayStationeers
2023-11-16Stationeers - Understand and Setup your first Mining Rocket - Tutorial28:451,480TutorialStationeers
2023-11-05How to design our Rocket Bay - Stationeers - A Let's Play Series E1434:53525Let's PlayStationeers
2023-10-13Time to build Rockets - Stationeers - A Let's Play Series E1343:18580Let's PlayStationeers
2023-10-06From Sensor to Display: Become a Stationeers Writing Pro20:13631Stationeers
2023-10-02Setup of our first Combustion Centrifuge and Deep Miners- Stationeers - A Let's Play Series E1239:341,309Let's PlayStationeers
2023-09-23Stationeers - Understand Transmitter and ways to use it - Tutorial24:12896TutorialStationeers
2023-08-30Atmospherics after Phase Change Automated and Optimised- Stationeers - A Let's Play Series E1129:532,735Let's PlayStationeers
2023-08-18Deep Mining and More Atmospherics after phase change - Stationeers - A Let's Play Series E1033:261,719Let's PlayStationeers
2023-08-12Atmospherics after phase change and AimeE - Stationeers - A Let's Play Series E946:352,618Let's PlayStationeers
2023-08-04Finally we have a auto mining system | Stationeers Let's Play Series E853:431,246Let's PlayStationeers
2023-07-13Stationeers - Understand Logic - Tutorial27:00741VlogStationeers
2023-07-07Building a Solar Farm for Reliable Power | Stationeers Let's Play Series E727:402,043Let's PlayStationeers
2023-07-02Stationeers - Understand Basic Power - Tutorial24:381,033TutorialStationeers
2023-06-30A simple storage and sorting system - Stationeers - A Lets Play Series E631:501,469Let's PlayStationeers
2023-06-27Lets Automate the Ice sorting - Stationeers - A Lets Play Series E550:24507Let's PlayStationeers
2023-06-19Lets make some gas handling - Stationeers - A Lets Play Series E436:08429Let's PlayStationeers
2023-05-29#stationeers #AMIEe #letsplay #prefilter #stationeerstutorial #gaming #videogameplaythrough1:0057Let's Play
2023-05-28Stationeers IC10 AIMEe Tutorial42:261,172TutorialStationeers
2023-05-24#stationeers #stationeerstutorial #stationeers #filtration #gaming #Osarus_TC1:0054Stationeers
2023-05-22IC10 Arc Furnace Short #stationeers #stationeerstutorial0:5346Tutorial
2023-04-23Stationeers IC10 Tutorial Simple Filtration handling19:41965TutorialStationeers
2023-03-28Stationeers IC10 Tutorial Automated Arc Furnace17:07368TutorialStationeers
2023-03-14Stationeers IC10 Tutorial Automated Solid Fuel Generator27:29565TutorialStationeers
2023-03-10The Tiny man starts the Main Base - A Lets Play Series33:59325Stationeers
2023-03-06Can a Tiny Man Make Upgrades on Mars? - Stationeers for Beginners1:14:53497Stationeers
2023-03-02Can a Tiny Man Survive a Crash on Mars? - Stationeers for Beginners59:58960Stationeers