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Aira Delasse


Aira Delasse is a YouTube channel which has roughly 2.25 thousand subscribers. His content totals at least 1.64 million views views across over 4.78 thousand videos.

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About Aira Delasse

Gaming and anime? That's my channel, or rather, what it's mostly about! Sure, I may not upload frequently or on time, due to work, but I am not dead!

This channel also tries to never do the following:
- (Overly) clickbait titles
- Clickbait thumbnails
- "Like and subscribe" reminders
- "Click on the bell icon" reminders

This channel also does not purport to show the "best" way to achieve a certain objective, but rather, to just show that it may be possible for casual games to achieve them without "malding".

Notes: Videos about past maintenances and events may have their comments closed afterwards, as they are no longer current enough. Please do not leave comments about a different game for any videos at all either unless it's related.

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