Michael Crummie Jr

Michael Crummie Jr

United States
United States

Michael Crummie Jr is an American YouTube channel which has approximately 1.69 thousand subscribers, publishing more than 8.37 thousand videos which altogether total at least 1.1 million views.

Created on ● Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4KG5mZA8wBnlQ9YsdSotlg

About Michael Crummie Jr

Hello Everyone. My name is Michael Crummie Jr. Welcome to my YouTube Channel!

I'll be uploading videos every day when I'm off work. I'm gonna be taking breaks when I'm at my Friend's House,feeling sick,at a Birthday Party,and gone to work.

I don't like going against Daisy,Luigi,Bowser,Bowser Jr,and Dry Bowser on Mario Games,because she's my Favorite Female Mario Character,Luigi is my Favorite Male Mario Character,and Bowser is my Favorite Villain Mario Character. Daisy Fans aren't allowed to watch videos of Daisy Losing,because Daisy doesn't deserve to Lose.

No requesting Daisy,Luigi,and Bowser,Bowser Jr,and Dry Bowser Losing.

I will Upload videos for Daisy Every Year on her Birthday.

I'm not gonna take Requests,but I'm going to come with my Own Ideas when My Profile Picture is Daisy after she Eats her Vampire Candy.

It don't matter if I Lose Subscribers or not.

Be sure to Subscribe to my channel if you haven't. Anyways enjoy your day.

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