Michael Crummie Jr

Michael Crummie Jr

United States
United States

Michael Crummie Jr is an American YouTube channel which has over 1.91 thousand subscribers, publishing approximately 8.91 thousand videos which altogether total at least 1.28 million views.

Created on ● Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/@michaelcrummiejr2002

About Michael Crummie Jr

My Favorites: Daisy,Luigi,Bowser,Bowser Jr,Dry Bowser,Kamek,Funky Kong,Baby Daisy,Rosalina,Toad,Toadette,Toadsworth,Dry Bones,Paragoomba,and Monty Mole

Love: Yoshi,Birdo,Shy Guy, Pauline,Wendy,Diddy Kong,King K Rool,Kritter,King Bob-OMB,Honey Queen,Wiggler,Boomerang Bro,and Fire Bro

Like: Wario,Waluigi,Baby Peach,Pianta,Noki,Roy,Donkey Kong,Hammer Bro,Ludwig,Mario,Peach,Koopa,Paratroopa,King Boo,Boo,Morton,and Fly Guy

Netrual: Petey Piranha,Lemmy,Larry,Mr Blizzard,Metal Mario,Boom Boom,and Pom Pom

Slightly Dislike: Thwomp,Cheep Chomp,Ice Bro,Cheep Cheep,Whomp,and Chain Chomp

Dislike: Spike,Goomba,Donkey Kong Jr,and Piranha Plant

Hate/Despise: Pink Gold Peach,Blooper,Koopa Kid,and Fire Piranha Plant

I don't want Requests of Daisy Losing,and Peach Winning. I also like Peach in Mario Party Games.

I'm not taking requests in Games for Nintendo Wii,and Wii U anymore.

Be sure to Subscribe to my Channel if you haven't.

Anyways Enjoy your day.

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