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Video Game reviews with bizarre special FX and high-speed delivery. Because you want opinions with a side of awesome.

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Sonic Mania Plus Launch Livestream!
More Sonic Mania more better! Donations through here: Twitter: Patreon:
2018-07-18 11:26:39 AM ● 388 views ● 1:56:16 93.75% liked
Super Skull Smash GO! 2 Turbo Launch Livestream
Friend of the channel, Thomas Hopper's (TACS GAMES) new game is out on Steam and PS4 so Dan wanted to livestream it! Donations through here:...
2018-07-18 3:41:57 AM ● 218 views ● 1:53:22 100.00% liked
We Play Your Mega Man Maker Levels #99
Oh man, number 100 is coming soon! 0:05 - The Great Christmas Adventure by Legitch 15:24 - Unlike Time Man I don't chuckle by IStealth Fan 17:23...
2018-07-11 3:24:09 AM ● 1,016 views ● 28:59 96.61% liked
We Play Your Mega Man Maker Levels #98
This ain't no livestream, this an INTERNET VIDEO! Finally, after our 2-week long livestream hiatus we're back to play YOUR Mega Man Maker levels!...
2018-07-10 4:19:48 AM ● 745 views ● 25:27 100.00% liked
Hail Zeon vs GigaBoots: Mario Tennis Aces
Hail Zeon has it coming this time. He's about to get served. Donations through here: Twitter:
2018-07-09 1:58:28 AM ● 213 views ● 1:33:40 100.00% liked
VG THEORYZ: What if SuMari World is Bad?!? Also, Bob reads the Devil May Cry novel.
I was thinking to myself just yesterday, on the day celebrating independent thought, what is Super Mario World is a disappointing sequel to Mario...
2018-07-07 10:25:32 PM ● 567 views ● 4:45:06 91.67% liked
We Play Your Mega Maker Levels LIVE! #48
Dan VideoGames is here to play your Mega Man Maker levels featuring guest host: Bob VideoGames! Donations through here:
2018-07-07 3:36:58 PM ● 846 views ● 5:50:51 95.92% liked
GigaBoots Fifth of July Stream!
GigaBoots and HailZeon team up to win one for AMERICA in Jackal for the motherfuckin NES, here on the just as patriotic FIFTH of JULY! Donations...
2018-07-05 4:36:28 AM ● 283 views ● 1:34:48 100.00% liked
Let's Find Out if this Sega Genesis Classics collection Sucks!
Dan is booting up the Sega Genesis Classics collection for the PS4 to see if it's dogshit or not! Let's talk about random shit while I do it!...
2018-07-04 3:32:29 PM ● 546 views ● 3:59:15 100.00% liked
GigaBoots vs Voxandra: SkullGirls Edition
Vox is fighting the GigaBois in Skullgirls! Donations through here: Twitter:
2018-07-03 3:23:55 AM ● 435 views ● 3:20:57 96.88% liked