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Hi! My name is Rosealyn and I am a fibromyalgia warrior. I was attending dental school to become a doctor- and had just be assigned my first two patients! I began to notice I was losing my fine motor skills, then brain fog, confusion, and pain. I had no choice but to leave my career dreams behind and face a life full of "I can't do that anymore."

My husband Mr. RG asked me what would bring me joy... the video games I grew up with always made me smile. He encouraged me to begin recording videos for YouTube.

Although my abilities have changed, I still have power to bring a smile to a face, to comfort someone in a dark time, and to provide positively good company when there seems to be no good left in the world. I am blessed with challenges- with fibromyalgia- and I intend to provide positively good company for as long as I can!

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