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Hey y'all! Welcome to my channel, where I do mainly Top 10s and Boss Rankings, but I'll also upload whatever I feel like every now and then! I also stream on Saturdays on Twitch, usually somewhere around 6:30/7 PM EST!
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Sonic CAN Survive Underwater, and Here's Definite Proof! (Lore Fails)
Hey, what's up y'all, I'm BrambleGaming, and today I'll be explaining why Sonic is actually able to survive underwater! Enjoy! Hey, if you like...
2018-11-19 4:00:02 PM ● 65 views ● 3:31 100.00% liked
All Super Mario Party Minigames Ranked from Worst to Best
Hey, what's up y'all, it's ya boi BrambleGaming, and after weeks of grueling work, today I'm finally presenting you with all of the Super Mario...
2018-11-12 4:00:01 PM ● 3,025 views ● 11:46 95.74% liked
Mega Man 11, Super Mario Party, & More - Rapid Fast Switch Reviews Oct. 2018
Hey, what's up, y'all, I'm BrambleGaming, and welcome to the premiere episode of Rapid Fast Switch Reviews, where I take up to 5 games each month...
2018-10-29 5:52:58 PM ● 312 views ● 7:52 96.55% liked
Super Mario Party
THE HATERS STRIKE BACK  - Reading More "Unique " Comments!
Here's a follow-up that a lot of viewers were asking for! Enjoy! Hey, if you like my videos, then why not subscribe?
2018-10-03 7:37:21 PM ● 615 views ● 10:25 100.00% liked
Peach is Actually a TOAD, and Here's Undeniable Proof! (Lore Fails)
Hey, what's up, y'all, I'm BrambleGaming, and today, we're looking at the evidence that has been piling up lately to prove that Princess Peach...
2018-09-23 12:30:00 PM ● 1,148 views ● 5:02 92.94% liked
DEATH WISH EX BOSSES! A Hat in Time Livestream!
Support the stream: Hey, what's up, y'all, I'm BrambleGaming, and A Hat in Time recently got updated; adding...
2018-09-16 6:01:21 PM ● 3,600 views ● 2:49:56 100.00% liked
All Super Mario Odyssey Bosses Ranked from Easiest to Hardest (+Channel Update & Polling!)
VOTE HERE: Voting Section Timestamp: 11:51 Ha, and I thought the Splatoon 2 Boss Ranking took forever...
2018-09-03 7:59:02 PM ● 35,092 views ● 17:39 94.39% liked
Yo Mama's So Fat, She Ate Mario - UTTER TRASH LEVEL - Super Mario Maker Showcase
Quick level showcase on a completely garbage level that I made a while ago as a joke-throwback to my Top 10 Worst Levels List! Life recently...
2018-08-28 1:35:45 PM ● 2,033 views ● 4:24 97.06% liked
Super Mario Maker
The WORST Comment Section on My Channel
Here's a super original video, in which I'll be reading some comments from the worst comment section on my channel and reacting to them! Enjoy!...
2018-08-19 4:55:03 PM ● 3,942 views ● 10:13 95.53% liked
How Bad Can These Wii Shovelware Games Get?! (M&M's Adventure & Block Party)
New type of live commentary video today in which I play two Wii shovelware games and record my reactions toward the experience! Enjoy! Hey, if...
2018-08-09 7:18:01 AM ● 1,074 views ● 15:56 98.11% liked