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Hi, I'm Juutas! Welcome to my gaming channel :)
I create many kinds of video game related videos including reviews, guides and commentaries.

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5 Exciting Things About The Outer Worlds
This time I will share some things that I'm most excited about in the upcoming Obsidian RPG The Outer Worlds. Sources below: PC Gamer Article:...
2018-12-12 4:57:01 AM ● 78 views ● 8:48 88.89% liked
I Was Accused of Clickbaiting, Here's What I Think...
My response on being accused of being a clickbaiter in my most recent video. The original video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qUB1W0PuTo...
2018-12-10 12:35:47 PM ● 1,042 views ● 4:50 96.62% liked
The Outer Worlds Looks Disappointing Visually (New Obsidian Game)
Just sharing why I'm not quite 100% excited for the new Obsidian game The Outer Worlds. #TheOuterWorlds #Obsidian #Criticism My Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/BlueberryKnights...
2018-12-08 9:34:01 AM ● 1,132 views ● 3:41 39.07% liked
The MISSING (In-depth Review/Analysis)
In this video I will dive deep into the video game The MISSING by White Owls. This video will include both a spoiler free review of the game...
2018-11-22 10:59:52 AM ● 334 views ● 54:13 100.00% liked
Playdead's Next Game Details (3D gameplay, concept art & possible INSIDE relation?)
Some new info has been revealed about Playdead's upcoming third game by Arnt Jensen the director of Limbo and INSIDE. My in-depth review/analysis...
2018-11-04 9:27:41 AM ● 203 views ● 3:00 100.00% liked
EAGLE! #RobinHoodMarksmenChallenge
I saw this challenge on IGN and it gave me an excuse to use an old ass clip~
2018-11-01 5:25:32 PM ● 397 views ● 1:11 100.00% liked
I'm very glad to see the devs of Death's Gambit listen to the players and implement this many needed changes in the most recent patch 1.1. Full...
2018-10-25 3:59:28 PM ● 833 views ● 4:18 100.00% liked
The MISSING 'Expert' Walkthrough (All 271 Donuts + Sleepy Locations)
This is a full walkthrough of The MISSING: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories. I'll gather all the Donuts and show how to get all the Sleepy...
2018-10-22 11:09:34 AM ● 369 views ● 5:09:58 100.00% liked
The MISSING - FK Hidden Text Messages Guide (srsly? achievement)
Here are all the locations for hidden F.K. test messages and how to find them. Some mild spoilers (obviously). Timestamps for all the messages...
2018-10-19 7:53:04 AM ● 86 views ● 14:29 100.00% liked
What Makes a Great Monster in Video Games?
For the celebration of the upcoming Halloween I'll share some of my thoughts about what makes a great monster design in video games. Dracula...
2018-10-10 6:50:12 PM ● 646 views ● 18:24 100.00% liked