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If you like good games with good commentary you should subscribe:) Because ALL my subscribers are VERY SEXY ;)
And also Subscribers aren't people who watch my videos they are people I will hopefully hang out with or play video games with. Friends not fans:)

Q:Are you a normal human being?
A:Yes, so don't feel afraid to ask me questions or shoot me a friend request. I don't bite lol

Q: What Do you use to record videos?
A: Fraps for PC gaming, and Roxio Gamecap HD Pro.

Also Liking and Favoriting and Sharing helps my channel grow and I will love you forever :D and why not subscribe if you haven't already it's free! Any questions just feel free to ask. I love responding to comments so make sure to leave alot of them :)

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A great Villain.. for a great game. Seriously. I think it might lead to a superior spider-man storyline in a future game.
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Pete And MJ Get Back Together Marvel's Spider-Man Ending
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Marvels Spiderman Aunt May Death Scene. I think this is the most emotional a video game has made me. At least in a long time.
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