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This channel is dedicated to gaming and good times! Mainly unboxing videos and gameplay videos:)

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Sega Dreamcast Keyboard Unboxing
Finally got a Dreamcast keyboard! Thought I’d share it with you guys;) thanks for watching!
2019-03-14 10:53:58 AM ● 0 views ● 2:50
V Rally 4 Nintendo Switch Sequoia National Park
Hey guys having a blast with this game go pick it up if you’re an arcade rally fan! Thanks for watching😜
2019-02-26 9:42:12 PM ● 88 views ● 6:34 100.00% liked
V Rally 4 switch offscreen gameplay
Hey guys just wanted to show you a bit of gameplay and give a few thoughts;) thanks for watching;) fun game!
2019-02-21 5:19:38 PM ● 70 views ● 7:42
V Rally 4 Nintendo Switch Unboxing
Hey guys just a quick Unboxing to show that there’s not much in the box😞 haha game looks fun though😁👍 thanks for watching
2019-02-19 7:41:50 PM ● 139 views ● 3:29 83.33% liked
Sega Dreamcast Twin Sticks Unboxing
Hey guys excited to finally get these bad boys! Be sure to check out future videos and I’ll show these puppies in action! Thanks for watching😜👍...
2019-02-16 11:02:32 PM ● 55 views ● 4:03 100.00% liked
8bitdo Nes30 arcade stick problems:/
If anyone can help I appreciate it😜👍 can’t use the stick while charging?!!! What is this the Stone Age 😂
2019-02-08 12:07:59 AM ● 18 views ● 5:40
Brandon Mcmahan vs Adel Altamimi Faceoff Bellator 214
Hey guys I probably should have just waited and posted this video LOL! Oh well super excited for my buddy Brandon! Can’t wait to watch this...
2019-01-25 2:08:12 PM ● 1,566 views ● 2:03 100.00% liked
My buddy Brandon making his Bellator debut tomorrow night!
Wassup guys! I know this is a gaming channel but in case I have any mma fans out there I wanted to share this👊😬 I actually got to train...
2019-01-25 11:11:36 AM ● 20 views ● 0:40 100.00% liked
Attack From Mars Nintendo Switch on 40” TV
Hey guys just watching my brother play some more pinball from the Williams collection on switch. He was having a pretty good game and I think...
2019-01-19 3:45:12 PM ● 43 views ● 6:02 100.00% liked
Ace Combat 7 VR with T. Flight Hotas 4
This channel is dedicated to gaming and good times! Mainly unboxing videos and gameplay videos:)
2019-01-18 3:48:54 PM ● 97 views ● 25:46 100.00% liked