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Hey, my name is Peter! This UNOFFICIAL Game Grumps channel features compilations of my two fave people on the planet: Dan Avidan and Arin Hanson. Videos every Monday posted at 4.a.m MST!

I'm delighted to say that I've heard back from Vernon @ the Grumps, and at least for now, GG is cool with this channel's existence and body of work! Thank you so much Grumps!!! I will continue being an avid fan, going to your shows, and buying your merch =).

About me: So I'm 34, just another fellow Lovely like yourself, and I created this channel because between my autism and depression, life can feel a little heavy sometimes... but Game Grumps is a bright spot every single day. Hope they do the same for you too! =)

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Best Laughter Moments - Sonic Adventure DX - Game Grumps Compilation
Froggy fishing. Amy's sexy dance. The robot voice. SO MANY AMAZING MOMENTS! This compilation features Danny & Arin's wonderful laughter moments...
2018-12-03 5:00:06 AM ● 8,175 views ● 1:37:35 99.67% liked
Arin Doesn't Know Drugs... And It's Hilarious - Game Grumps Compilation
Arin's sweet, innocent understanding of narcotics is absolutely charming. His characteristic child-like laughter shines when Danny (who has a...
2018-11-26 5:00:00 AM ● 236,786 views ● 18:32 98.80% liked
Laughin' It Up! - Game Grumps Laughter Compilation
Danny & Arin's laughter warms my heart and soul. Rumor has it, at birth they were separated from the angels that birthed them, and were delivered...
2018-11-19 5:00:05 AM ● 59,332 views ● 31:44 99.10% liked
Dan & Arin Kanoodling Each Other's Funny Bones + PeterPlays #1 [GameGrumps Laughter]
In this Game Grumps Compilation, Danny & Arin have a glorious time tickling teach other's funny bones. Kanoodling with laughter has never...
2018-11-12 5:00:00 AM ● 32,026 views ● 32:04 85.30% liked
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Best Laughter Moments - Ocarina of Time - Game Grumps Compilation
This Game Grumps compilation features all my favorite laughter moments from one of my all-time favorite playthroughs... Zelda: Ocarina of Time....
2018-11-05 5:00:06 AM ● 4,248 views ● 2:20:04 99.79% liked
When Games Are Funny All On Their Own VOL 2 - Game Grumps Compilation [Laughter, Best of]
This compilation features moments from games that are funny all on their own... sometimes they're terrible, or sometimes there's just a funny...
2018-10-29 4:30:00 PM ● 34,210 views ● 32:27 99.19% liked
Dan & Arin's Adorable Trash Talking - PART 7 - Game Grumps Compilation [Silly Insults]
"What?! You're twice as good as me?!?!? ............ Twice as WELL." - Arin Hanson This compilation features Dan & Arin's adorable...
2018-10-22 5:00:07 AM ● 3,232 views ● 28:00 99.26% liked
Arin Making Danny Laugh Vol 2 - Game Grumps Laughter Compilation
I hope Danny's laughter brings you as much joy as it does to me. It's so contagious! From what I understand, many, MANY people have written in...
2018-10-15 5:00:00 AM ● 74,034 views ● 34:14 99.52% liked
Danny & Arin Reveal the 7 Keys to a Happy Marriage -- A Very Special Game Grumps Compilation
In this fan-channel Game Grumps compilation, Danny & Arin demonstrate the 7 keys to a happy marriage. As illustrated by their own successful,...
2018-10-08 5:00:03 AM ● 58,248 views ● 1:08:45 98.77% liked
Best Uhhhhhhh "Accent" Humor? Game Grumps Compilation [Super Not Racist Jokes? Racial Humor?]
Challenge accepted, Dan ;-). This compilation features my best attempt at displaying Danny & Arin's best (worst?) out-of-context racial humor...
2018-09-24 5:00:02 AM ● 34,471 views ● 42:30 99.24% liked