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About Geeksmithing

Hi! I am Wes! Welcome to my wacky channel!

Geeksmithing is about exploring science, technology, or any geeky / pop culture subject and then becoming inspired to create something!!

More often than not, I will be making a fun project using a new technique or material that I have never used before. It should be a learning experience for the both of us!
Please join me on this adventure!

I do accept commissions on occasion. If you would like something unique built for you, hit me up at any of the social media platforms above.. Thx!

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Nintendo Labo: A Maker's Review
Nintendo Labo: A Maker's Review Here are my thoughts on the Nintendo LABO after some time to mess around with the kits! Some footage shown here...
2018-07-13 9:56:08 AM ● 327 views ● 4:44 100.00% liked
Nintendo Labo Overview
Introducing Nintendo Labo, a new experience for Nintendo Switch. Build Nintendo Labo creations, bring them to life with Nintendo Switch, and...
2018-04-16 11:08:58 PM ● 1,642 views ● 3:01 98.18% liked
Customize & Weather a Yoda Toy // LET'S MAKE
Customize & Weather a Yoda Toy // LET'S MAKE In this video, I show you how to take a Yoda toy and modify him to look more realistic during...
2018-03-06 8:40:31 PM ● 1,412 views ● 6:39 96.00% liked
Stamp Making with a CNC using ArtCAM // TUTORIAL
Stamp Making with a CNC using ArtCAM // TUTORIAL In this tutorial, I cover how to make a custom rubber stamp using a CNC machine and the ArtCAM...
2017-10-13 10:53:58 PM ● 6,808 views ● 8:45 93.13% liked
V-Bit Inlay with ArtCAM // TUTORIAL
In this tutorial, I cover V-Bit based inlay techniques using AutoDesk ArtCAM. ArtCAM is a very powerful software that can be more affordable...
2017-10-04 2:49:10 PM ● 4,933 views ● 17:25 96.64% liked
Control Your CNC with a Rock Band Guitar!! ?// TUTORIAL
Controlling your CNC like a ROCK STAR!! // TUTORIAL Many people like to use a gamepad or controller to move the CNC router around to position...
2017-09-22 8:43:04 PM ● 1,146 views ● 10:12 94.29% liked
What is Geeksmithing? // Channel Trailer
Welcome to Geeksmithingl! Here you can find a wide range of geek/gaming inspired project videos and even a few adventures visiting other makers...
2017-04-25 1:04:26 PM ● 7,884 views ● 2:48 96.58% liked
Egg Decorating Robot // LET'S MAKE
Egg Decorating Robot // LET'S MAKE In this installment of Let's Make:, My daughter, Samantha lends me a hand in making an egg decorating robot!...
2017-04-16 10:41:13 PM ● 32,649 views ● 6:15 98.03% liked
GEEK SPEEK 1: Atlanta Woodworking Show & Project Updates
In this first installment of Geek Speek, I go over the most recent videos, upcoming project videos, and travel plans to the Woodworking Show...
2017-03-08 6:45:34 PM ● 407 views ● 3:43 95.24% liked
Making It 100 Event in Boston // GEEKING OUT & ABOUT #2
In this installment of Geeking Out & About, I visit Boston, MA for the Making It Podcast 100th Episode Event. They invited several other...
2017-02-25 12:00:59 AM ● 323 views ● 9:28 97.14% liked