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About Special Head

A place where magic, performance art and spirituality intersect. My performances as Special Head aim to inspire self reflection, curiosity, and vulnerability. My aim is to expose America to more mystical and eastern practices that they normally witness. The physical world is the illusion and the spiritual world is what is real.

"My artistic Vision is greatly influenced by my upbringing in the Native American Peyote Way Church and the Baha'i Faith. I realized that 1,000 years ago all art, performance music, and Dance was done through spiritual inspiration; The original performances were ritual and Ceremony. It wasn't until the renaissance that people began making a living with art. Through my performances I intend to bring us back to an age of mysticism, Reminding people that performance is a ritual and that magic can be spiritual.
I do what I do because I'm trying to understand. I hope that through my performances I bring the audience closer to understanding themselves."

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