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About the channel:

Welcome to my channel.

This channel features Team Fortress 2 almost exclusively. Mostly featured here are guides, tutorials and other forms of infotainment. You will not find commentaries with face cam on this channel, but rather a complete scene switch instead. Here you will find my videos to be a bit slower paced than what is the norm, as that's what I make. You may find some videos who appear to be pure entertainment, but they are actually cleverly crafted to make you learn stuff without you even knowing. Think about that!

If you are new to the game and want to pick up some quick tips along the way that can help you become super good really fast (i mean like you will exceptionally good and like beat your friends who don't watch these videos).

Below are some links to various social media. I highly recommend my steamgroup as that is the best platform to interact with discussions, constructive feedback and such.
Check out my balance mod as well!

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