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300PSI Arm Mounted Air Cannon - (URBEX Pipboy) Prototype v.1
A brief intro to building a high pressure air (pneumatic) cannon. The compact design allows for rapid blasts at up to 300PSI and is triggered...
2018-11-16 3:04:27 PM ● 1,614 views ● 10:52 96.75% liked
Incredible Flamethrower Gauntlet w/ TASER Ignition!
Mechanical engineer Stephen Hawes - created the worlds most advanced wearable flamethrower gauntlet aka "Pyro System" It also contains...
2018-11-08 3:07:02 PM ● 9,028 views ● 7:28 99.00% liked
YouTube Makers Try SUPER HERO Gadgets at NY Maker Faire
It turns out that celebrity YouTube makers think my gadgets are AWESOME! It was so nice meeting everyone and I look forward to potential collaborations!...
2018-09-28 2:07:55 PM ● 952 views ● 10:21 94.34% liked
DIY Simon Game with Flamethrowers
We play with a DIY Simon Game with Flamethrowers for Labor day. We lost some footage on this shoot of Eric Singer explaining how he created it....
2018-09-03 9:00:26 AM ● 7,774 views ● 6:11 95.60% liked
3D Printed Tactical SPY Pen | Concept Prototypes
Concealable spy pen #gadgets are common tools for secret agents to escape danger. Here are original gadget ideas that you must see! James Bond...
2018-08-02 12:15:06 PM ● 17,928 views ● 13:07 96.37% liked
How to Install Flexible LED Display In Mask - "Wrench" Cosplay Tutorial
Updated guide for how to install the LED Display into your mask. This requires a few common tools, and lots of elbow grease! So many people ask...
2018-07-19 12:15:22 PM ● 20,753 views ● 10:21 97.97% liked
World's MOST POWERFUL Mini Spy Crossbow - UPGRADED!
This packs a surprisingly powerful PUNCH with a simple yet creative upgrade. Comment how we should improve the design! - PARTS USED - (Affiliate...
2018-07-12 12:15:00 PM ● 12,791 views ● 10:04 95.00% liked
DIY Burning Laser "Watch" - Iron Man / 007 James Bond Inspired!
Inspired by Tony Stark (Iron Man) and James Bond 007, I made this diy burning laser watch! Bring SciFi to REALITY! You can build it too! This...
2018-07-05 12:15:46 PM ● 827,851 views ● 10:31 93.98% liked
DIY L1 R1 Trigger Buttons for PUBG Mobile | Fortnite | ROS
Get the competitive edge in FPS Mobile games with this AMAZINGLY EASY hack that you can try anywhere, anytime! This hack works best for FPS games...
2018-06-26 12:01:27 PM ● 96,170 views ● 5:23 95.72% liked
Fortnite (2017)
Will These 7 Car Glass Breakers Save You?
Watch us break windows and cut seat belts for science. You'd be surprised how well these work! They could save your life! Thanks to StatGear...
2018-06-21 1:00:14 PM ● 14,621 views ● 10:26 95.38% liked