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Fun and funny reaction videos and Try Not To Laugh challenges to a wide variety of stuff, along with hilarious commentary voice over videos, where I add my own weird touch to online vids. While not being a great singer, I do love to warble, so we also post songs, many of which are lyrics that I have set to YouTube's own cool little song audio library.

Of course, live streams are a huge part of our fun here. We have a great, vibrant and sometimes edgy crew in our little community, so the live streams are some of the most entertaining and fun things you can enjoy on YouTube!

I'm also a huge anime nerd! Thanks to our gang here.

Along with anime, I tend to nerd out for brilliant YouTube creators, such as Meatcanyon, Brandon Rogers, Epic Rap Battles of History, Devil Artemis, Vivziepop, Flashgitz, Filthy Frank, RDCworld1, Team FourStar, Dashie and many others! (I hope I didn't leave anyone out!)

Come on in and enjoy the fun!

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