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Disturbing Video Game Music 200: Vs. Hyness (Phase 1) - Kirby Star Allies
The latest and one of the greatest Kirby games, Kirby Star Allies also manages to outdark many of it's preceding games with it's villains: a...
2019-01-14 8:09:16 AM ● 967 views ● 2:51 91.67% liked
Disturbing Video Game Music 199: Used Magatama - Eastern Mind: Lost Souls of Tong Nou
Eastern Mind is certainly a good candidate for one of the weirdest games of all time. You play as a man named Run who suddenly finds out his...
2019-01-13 7:34:38 AM ● 650 views ● 0:28 90.00% liked
Disturbing Video Game Music 198: Unseen Syndrome - Live A Live
One of the best RPGs on the SNES that sadly never got it to the states though thankfully has an excellent English patch, Live A Live is a unique...
2019-01-12 7:17:15 AM ● 479 views ● 1:04 100.00% liked
Disturbing Video Game Music 197: Dooms Day - Alien Syndrome
Alien Syndrome was a top-down shooter released by Sega way back in 1987. In the game you play as as soldier who must venture into space stations...
2019-01-11 7:59:56 AM ● 437 views ● 4:43 100.00% liked
Disturbing Video Game Music 196: The Fool's Idol - Demon Souls
Before Dark Souls there was Demon Souls, though in the end the two games are practically identical other than the setting is slightly different....
2019-01-10 8:12:59 AM ● 350 views ● 2:54 100.00% liked
Disturbing Video Game Music 195: The Lair - Snatcher
One of the first games made by Hideo Kojima and one of the best games on the Sega CD (not that it takes very much to be that). Snatcher is a...
2019-01-09 10:13:46 AM ● 336 views ● 1:24 92.31% liked
Disturbing Video Game Music 194: Jupiter - Where In Space is Carmen Sandiego?
We return to this fine edutainment game one last time, this time for the biggest planet in our solar system. Considering the planet itself is...
2019-01-08 8:44:16 AM ● 402 views ● 3:18 100.00% liked
Disturbing Video Game Music 193: Dream Eater - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red and Blue Rescue Team
Perhaps the best spin-off in the Pokemon franchise, the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games are roguelikes where you actually play as a Pokemon and...
2019-01-07 7:24:45 AM ● 519 views ● 1:00 100.00% liked
Disturbing Video Game Music 192: The Swamp's Dark Center - Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus
The first entry of this great franchise of stealth platforming has... Not aged well. Compared to the game's afterward that have incorporated...
2019-01-06 7:53:25 AM ● 482 views ● 5:42 100.00% liked
Disturbing Video Game Music 191: River Spooks - Subnautica
Easily one of the most interesting, unique, and absolutely TERRIFYING open-world sandbox games ever made, Subnautica deposits you on a huge oceanic...
2019-01-05 9:29:02 AM ● 342 views ● 1:20 100.00% liked
Subnautica (2018)