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Welcome to my Youtube Channel!

*Since I got some time now to record KH videos, I'll start taking requests again after I upload a few that were already request for a long time and when I upload a couple of my own videos I plan to do when I get the chance. Once I start doing them again I will most likely do them on the weekend since I have school and all. Sorry for the inconvenice.*

I will always post the codes I use in my Kingdom Heats videos so you dont have to look all over to find the codes. ALL my codes are for Codebreaker. If you want the code in AR MAX just download onicoverter (I think thats whats its called).

I also will take friend request for Brawl, so tell me your friend code and i'll tell you mine and we'll brawl sometime.

Requested videos:

Planed Videos:
Roxas and Haner VS Axel (Will record around Friday/Saturday)

"The Ultimate Struggle" videos (Hack Fight Series) [Starting Soon]

SSBB Friend Code: 1762-8631-4173
Codename: Bryce

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I'm also Roxas The 13th on

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Paper Mario Sticker Star - Bowser Snow Statue Bug
Kind of a major bug that was somehow missed during the debugging of the game I guess. Good thing the game saves often for you or else I've been...
2012-11-16 12:18:40 AM ● 4,635 views ● 1:57 95.83% liked
Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Julius Glitch
Even in the USA version of the game, there are still some bugs left in the game. I didn't even see what he did to get stuck in that little alleyway...
2012-08-20 10:53:33 PM ● 6,362 views ● 1:42 95.56% liked
Playable Terra vs Organization XIII
I'm sorry that I've been way behind on KH3D videos but I've been busy with work and other things which left me with no time to render and upload...
2012-07-15 2:12:06 AM ● 41,414 views ● 27:37 97.57% liked
Dream Drop Distance: Young Master Xehanort Bug [SPOILER]
Guess who found another glitch! I was fighting him like normal but when I died I was revived, but as soon as I did YMX started to attack me and...
2012-05-28 10:44:32 PM ● 2,693 views ● 0:26 100.00% liked
KH3D Dream Drop Distance: Boss #1 ~ Hakozaru [Sora & Riku](JAP)
Technically Ursula is the first boss you face against but she more of a tutorial boss than an actual boss so that's why I didn't record her boss...
2012-05-23 12:28:24 AM ● 11,985 views ● 14:50 97.14% liked
Dream Drop Distance ~ Stuck in Pole Glitch in The Grid
I just got the game today and I've already ran into a glitch. They weren't kidding when they said this game was a bit glitchy haha. I was using...
2012-05-22 3:58:33 AM ● 1,407 views ● 0:36 100.00% liked
KH DDD: Friday Movie Edition
This was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this cutscene. I'm gunna have to go watch that movie again sometime. Since I finally got...
2012-05-22 12:01:09 AM ● 1,150 views ● 0:28 94.29% liked
KH3D - Meteor Bug/Glitch [Riku]
Here is another glitch with Riku. From what I can see, someplace in Traverse Town (from the looks of it) keeps the meteor from touching the ground...
2012-05-07 1:14:20 AM ● 1,974 views ● 1:37 100.00% liked
KH3D - Non-Progression Bug For Riku
Until I get my copy of the game, here is a clip of the major bug found for Riku that people were talking about a few weeks back which prevents...
2012-05-07 1:05:42 AM ● 2,070 views ● 1:37 90.91% liked
KHFM ~ L'Oscurità dell'Ignoto [Sora VS Unknown]
God I love this remix of Darkness of The Unknown! I'm starting to get real anxious about importing Dream Drop Distance, so I decided to edit...
2012-04-20 5:43:25 AM ● 23,653 views ● 5:03 96.51% liked