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3D Printing, Animation, Silly Stuff, Bendy and the Ink Machine Family Fun.
Inventor of Free Energy (ok so you don't believe that- what if it's true?)
LEGO, Toys, Maker, Reviews, DIY, Parody, Hovercraft
This Channel is "like a box of Chocolates" -you will never know what you're going to get so come back often tell your friends la dee da

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IFly - Mom Getting Blown Vertical
FullTiltOn Mom has all the fun! Here she get's to skydive indoors. not sponsored by and here is their link (free advertisement!) https://www.iflyworld.com/...
2018-07-12 6:26:40 AM ● 223 views ● 1:17 100.00% liked
GMOD Bertrum Bendy Ch 4
Bertrum has taken a lot of time and I still don't have it right- but he is fun to throw around anyway. This is my own model- not theultimatecyborgs...
2018-07-12 6:15:23 AM ● 848 views ● 5:59 95.00% liked
Playing with Bendy and the Ink Machine toys
Playing Bendy and the Ink Machine toys Brute Boris Alice is on the couch Since the last video was a victim of a Youtube glitch that they have...
2018-07-08 7:34:58 AM ● 338 views ● 8:17 96.00% liked
SFM theMeatly BBQ,  Allison Angel, Tom and Lost Ones
theMeatly is having a BBQ and Allison, Tom and friends from Bendy and the Ink Machine have been invited- what could go wrong?... Based on a true...
2018-07-05 2:29:50 PM ● 1,337 views ● 6:22 98.41% liked
Baldi Bully, Arts and Crafters, Susan W GMOD?
Yeah I haven't been doing much. Just surviving the heat.. Stay with me until I get out the latest BATIM SFM Gmod updates to Baldi 2D NPC player...
2018-07-03 6:23:37 PM ● 680 views ● 5:29 100.00% liked
Susan Wojcicki VS Mark Zuckerberg GMOD
Susan Wojcicki demonitizes Mark Zuckerberg GMOD tutorial on making a paint decal with some NPC's of a famous CEO of Google YouTube and CEO of...
2018-06-28 9:14:29 AM ● 319 views ● 4:15 83.33% liked
Sonic (Youtube is Drunk)
DaGames Build Our Machine disgrace of a SFM video with nearly 4 Million views! I quit RANT OK the real Build Our Machine that I promise to never...
2018-06-27 6:49:21 AM ● 821 views ● 3:32 86.11% liked
BATIM Tom Meets Baldi At McDonalds ๐Ÿ—ธ
GMOD RP where Tom from Bendy and the Ink Machine walks into a McDonalds to spend some money. The ink machine is on fire and Allison makes a quick...
2018-06-22 10:04:03 AM ● 3,612 views ● 4:41 95.28% liked
NERF TNT Pop-Its Firecracker Fun!
Lost the tips to some Nerf Bullets and don't know what to do? Add a Bang with some cheap bang snap pop-it party snap fireworks to the tip and...
2018-06-19 7:05:29 PM ● 292 views ● 5:06 100.00% liked
GMOD Alice is On, Alice is On the Workshop?
An Alice Angel slightly deceased model on GMOD. A 'quickly' done (okay it took me awhile) player and NPC based off of theUltimateCyborg SFM model....
2018-06-12 5:31:27 PM ● 2,201 views ● 5:22 98.46% liked