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3D Printing, Animation, Silly Stuff, Bendy and the Ink Machine Family Fun.
Inventor of Free Energy (ok so you don't believe that- what if it's true?)
LEGO, Toys, Maker, Reviews, DIY, Parody, Hovercraft
This Channel is "like a box of Chocolates" -you will never know what you're going to get so come back often tell your friends la dee da

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2 Minutes of Random TiltOn (Benevolent Demon)
Yes, Just rambling about direction of channel and stuff.
2019-03-12 11:08:57 AM ● 78 views ● 2:00 100.00% liked
New BenDy gAme GMOD twittr
Duh Looks like the first word reveal on @BATIMgame is 'Benevolent' Guess the next word and leave a comment - or don't, but less comments won't...
2019-03-11 6:01:25 AM ● 666 views ● 2:21 95.45% liked
Eggdog GMOD Un-Playermodel
The ragdoll was fixed so other than my minor complaints and the fact I won't put anything I make in the workshop have fun with what is available......
2019-03-06 1:05:14 PM ● 718 views ● 1:39 95.83% liked
Meatly plays with Fisher (just a test)
Just messin' around... Welcome to one of the most hated Bendy themed channels around! (only because I don't take it seriously and for some reason...
2019-03-02 6:30:32 AM ● 3,952 views ● 2:23 88.57% liked
Sammy Serenades Susie
We got some puzzling clues to the relationships between Sammy Lawrence, Susie Campbell, Wally Franks and ... Fulltilton
2019-02-26 11:57:42 AM ● 1,846 views ● 2:13 96.00% liked
Dollar Store Puzzle Vespa Music Video
Time lapse of another Dollar Store Puzzle - Not a bad puzzle but I need to make videos of some of the larger puzzles I was doing recently. If...
2019-02-20 9:33:58 AM ● 158 views ● 2:23 83.33% liked
Octodad deadliest catch
still trying to figure out streamlabs- someone help!
2019-02-18 6:41:03 PM ● 360 views ● 1:25:05 100.00% liked
Octodad (2014)
Yes the best- only the best
2019-02-16 12:15:04 PM ● 267 views ● 0:57 75.00% liked
Fishing For My Family Hide N Seek Song
While my family was hiding and I counted to 100 I found a fishing rod toy... Started singing a quickly made up song and the hidden family members...
2019-02-16 6:55:25 AM ● 107 views ● 1:15 80.00% liked
Candy Crush Valentine Fun
Just throwing ragdolls of candy crush friends around. Valentines nutcracker. Prince of hearts and diamonds. Share if you like candy crush!
2019-02-14 2:00:08 PM ● 205 views ● 8:16 84.62% liked