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3D Printing, Animation, Silly Stuff, Bendy and the Ink Machine Family Fun.
Inventor of Free Energy (ok so you don't believe that- what if it's true?)
LEGO, Toys, Maker, Reviews, DIY, Parody, Hovercraft
This Channel is "like a box of Chocolates" -you will never know what you're going to get so come back often tell your friends la dee da

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Make a Llama Loot Crate
#Fortnite fun with paper for a real papercraft see Stickyart's simpler version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgtV94rH7rc I would redo this......
2018-12-07 11:11:00 AM ● 205 views ● 11:25 100.00% liked
Bendy Doesn't Floss
The Fortnite Floss motion conversion from MMD to SFM didn't go as good as planned but here are some other dance clips that are somewhat zanny...
2018-12-06 10:53:49 AM ● 1,929 views ● 1:32 91.89% liked
JonTron Vs. Phil Swift - #Flexworld Funny Moments
Playing the new Survive #Flexworld game. Roleplaying the Flexening in GMOD with 2D Likenesses of JonTron and Phil Swift. Support and Be Included!...
2018-12-05 2:59:18 PM ● 99 views ● 10:33 100.00% liked
Two Minutes with Tilton
Hot Tub, Miku, Sonic, Llamas and Lost Ones. Oh mY - Vlog for Tuesday. So if I make my video 1:59 will it be 2 minutes after upload?
2018-12-04 8:21:27 AM ● 91 views ● 2:01 100.00% liked
Me On Melodica
CT3000 Messing around with a Melodica- Has Allergies and can't breathe through nose, but it doesn't stop him from trying anyway. First song you...
2018-12-02 3:13:23 PM ● 68 views ● 4:06 100.00% liked
Sammy Lawrence & other Bendy characters dancing - title changes more often than my Underwear
No Desc- isn't like anyone reads it
2018-11-30 8:38:40 AM ● 1,079 views ● 2:46 83.93% liked
Bendy And the Ink Maker Machine (3D printer?) papercraft
I really struggled with this papercraft (why did I make it so small!). Make it Yourself https://fulltiltonstore.wixsite.com/mysite/bendy-and-the-papercraft...
2018-11-27 6:49:18 PM ● 474 views ● 10:28 100.00% liked
Bendy Chapter 5 Thanksgiving Special IRL
OK you asked for it- even if you didn't here it is an improv skit with a bunch of BATIM stuff-ing for Thanksgiving. Patrons: EveryoneHatesAndre...
2018-11-21 7:43:06 AM ● 1,844 views ● 8:36 95.38% liked
SFM 2 GMOD Tutorial 2 :  Physics Props
Quick and dirty Extract Model; Add Physics to QC File; Put back into GMOD using crowbar just to get your feet wet A more comprehensive tutorial...
2018-11-20 8:34:35 AM ● 313 views ● 10:33 88.89% liked
Garry's Mod
360 Joey Drew Apartment Flythrough
Check out this serious awesome video. A 360 Flythrough of Bendy and The Ink Machine Chapter 5 Joey's apartment map from SFM All Assets owned...
2018-11-19 1:46:31 PM ● 333 views ● 2:55 95.65% liked