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Welcome to my channel, i have some videos of my gameplay on PSO ver.2 and you will be able to find all the music of the game.
Unlike as many may think, the HUmar is one of the best chars to play with with no unique weaknesses.

Commenting a specific private PSO server is not allowed, wish to know the reasons or which server it is, send a PM.
Saying it at anytime (such as trying to advertise it or recomend it) will make me delete the comment and possibly block the user.

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- Due to the amount of requests about PSO music downloads, i will give 2 links where you can obtain them, after that you are on your own.


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Warframe Mandachord - Phantasy Star 4 - Organic Beat (final)
Warframe Octavia allows for custom songs to be used as attacks, this one is inspirired in a Phantasy Star 4 song.
2017-04-30 3:10:46 PM ● 1,228 views ● 0:42 89.47% liked
Warframe (2013)
Warframe Liset Sounds (30 min)
A nice calm Ambient video featuring the sounds of the liset in warframe, contains occasional intercepted radio chat from the grinner
2015-04-17 6:17:34 AM ● 1,996 views ● 30:08 93.55% liked
Warframe (2013)
Seaside Exploring
Decided to explore a little bit on seaside. Using echelon seaside skin
2014-08-15 1:47:43 PM ● 1,955 views ● 1:48 96.77% liked
PSO 2 Forest Test
Just testing a few things, took the opportunity to record the forest with a PSO 2 skin made by echelon, looks neat. Did the recording On Eden...
2014-07-28 7:52:30 AM ● 2,504 views ● 3:20 85.71% liked
A compilation of recordings i did on ultimate caves 2. Credits to tofuman for giving me hints of resolution changes and jackfuste for actually...
2013-05-15 9:15:00 AM ● 1,709 views ● 2:43 95.65% liked
Models, maps and particles synced 1680x1050 recording (30 fps) Video was compressed to a lower res (mainly for uploading purposes) tweaks: Hud...
2013-04-17 10:50:47 AM ● 1,473 views ● 1:23 90.91% liked
This movie scene was requested. Lot's of star lancer movies in the dreamcast disk can be converted and viewed, however this one seems to have...
2013-03-21 6:21:13 PM ● 4,076 views ● 1:44 96.43% liked
Decided to make a simple recording, no char or hud (altough the char is still present, dam those steps on water and leafs) I enjoy the forest...
2013-01-10 3:01:08 PM ● 1,229 views ● 1:49 95.24% liked
I had 1 unfinished ending skin wich only contained some resized screenshots (all taken by me), i gave a good look at them and i decided to do...
2012-11-09 2:22:43 PM ● 4,616 views ● 4:45 90.00% liked
Casual run in forest and then we decided to do endless nightmare 4 Server: Sylverant Movie audio is sync after some editing, similar to my previous...
2012-10-10 6:53:00 AM ● 1,210 views ● 7:31 82.35% liked