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Gaming Benko is a YouTube channel which has 67 subscribers, publishing 860 videos which altogether total over 10.06 thousand views.

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PublishedVideo TitleDurationViewsCategoryGame
2023-05-24Red Matter Ps5 VR22:40:417Red Matter
2023-05-24WARHAMMER Boltgun Ps516:496
2023-05-24Chivalry 2 Ps540:201Chivalry 2
2023-05-23Hell Let Loose2:08:451Hell Let Loose
2023-05-23WARHAMMER Boltgun Ps533:238
2023-05-23WARHAMMER Boltgun Ps51:23:5731
2023-05-21Hell Let Loose Fun 4 the whole family3:01:192Hell Let Loose
2023-05-21Hell Let Loose Afternoon Gameplay1:09:373Hell Let Loose
2023-05-20Hell Let Loose Saturday Night3:16:539Hell Let Loose
2023-05-20Hell Let Loose Saturday Gameplay2:32:194Hell Let Loose
2023-05-19Streetfighter 6 DEMO Ps534:423Street Fighter 6
2023-05-19Hell Let Loose ❤️,Recon and more1:12:111Hell Let Loose
2023-05-19Hell Let Loose Friday0:000Hell Let Loose
2023-05-18Hell Let Loose ❤️1:53:553Hell Let Loose
2023-05-18Hell Let Loose Ps51:36:539Hell Let Loose
2023-05-15Hell Let Loose Coffee and Bullets1:32:492Hell Let Loose
2023-05-14Hell Let Loose Panzeraction Sunday2:47:495Hell Let Loose
2023-05-14Hell Let Loose Ps5 taking the flank0:403Hell Let Loose
2023-05-13Hell Let Loose Solo Sniperaction,FG421:37:426Hell Let Loose
2023-05-11Hell Let Loose 🤩🤩🤩🤩2:54:254Hell Let Loose
2023-05-11Hell Let Loose1:02:070Hell Let Loose
2023-05-11Hell Let Loose3:59:551Hell Let Loose
2023-05-10Hell Let Loose1:54:360Hell Let Loose
2023-05-09Hell Let Loose3:44:094Hell Let Loose
2023-05-08Hell Let Loose3:36:513Hell Let Loose
2023-05-04Dead Island 2 l8tenight ply0:400Dead Island 2
2023-05-04Dead Island 2 l8tenight play4:06:511Dead Island 2
2023-05-03Dead Island 2 side and mainquests2:18:122Dead Island 2
2023-05-02Dead Island 22:00:060Dead Island 2
2023-05-02Dead Island 2 lets go to Santa Monica Part22:36:561Dead Island 2
2023-05-02Dead Island 2 lets go to Santa Monica2:02:021Dead Island 2
2023-05-01Dead Island 2 FINALLY Ps5,uncut8:06:5310Dead Island 2
2023-05-01Dead Island 2 FINALLY Ps5,uncut1:19:054Dead Island 2
2023-03-28POSTAL 4 Ps5 u don't have to understand.....39:008Postal 4: No Regerts
2023-03-28POSTAL 4 Ps5 u don't have to understand.....58:5990Postal 4: No Regerts
2023-03-27Minecraft Dungeon2:01:026Minecraft Dungeons
2023-03-26Dead Island ❤️❤️1:30:114Dead Island
2023-03-26Gt7 VR2 fun and money38:474Gran Turismo 7
2023-03-21Dead Island1:53:471Dead Island
2023-03-21Dead Island Marvin42:143Dead Island
2023-03-21Deceive INC. Demo Ps547:0513Deceive Inc.
2023-03-20Gt7 VR2 fun and money53:049Gran Turismo 7
2023-03-16Golf Engineswap14:415DiRT Rally 2.0
2023-03-09Gt7 Sophie AI tryout5:042Gran Turismo 7
2023-03-08Horizon Call of the Mountain Gameplay1:25:351Mountain
2023-03-08Gran Tourismo 7 Porsche VGT electric Schüssel🫠14:381Gran Turismo 7
2023-03-07Gran Tourismo 7 VR2 Ps51:38:3225Project Cars
2023-03-06Gt7 Chriooooooooo8615:249Gran Turismo 7
2023-03-06Horizon Ps5 VR2 #12:01:135
2023-03-05Resident Evil Village VR2 Ps5 VR21:17:3211Resident Evil Village
2023-03-05Atomic Heart Ps5 Sunday Funday2:21:572Atomic Heart
2023-03-03Gran Tourismo 7 Ps5 VR2 Silvia swap26:4011Gran Turismo 7
2023-03-01Gran Tourismo 7 Ps5 VR2 Funrace1:19:278Gran Turismo 7
2023-03-01Star Wars Ps5 VR21:04:5924
2023-02-28Atomic Heart Ps51:52:435Atomic Heart
2023-02-28Star Wars VR2 Ps5 Gameplay1:00:0013
2023-02-27Star Wars VR2 Ps51:24:2210
2023-02-27After the Fall Ps5 VR2!50:1213After the Fall
2023-02-27After the Fall Ps5 VR2!1:33:067After the Fall
2023-02-26Atomic Heart Ps52:34:159Atomic Heart
2023-02-24After the Fall Ps5 VR2🤩🤩🤩2:22:4525After the Fall
2023-02-24After the Fall Ps5 VR22:11:3414After the Fall
2023-02-24After the Fall Ps5 VR21:50:207After the Fall
2023-02-24Horizon Ps5 VR215:333Horizon Forbidden West
2023-02-23Gran Tourismo 7 Ps5 VR2 tryout20:247Project Cars
2023-02-23Atomic Heart Ps5 Part 41:23:431Atomic Heart
2023-02-23Atomic Heart Ps5 Part 335:370Far Cry 4
2023-02-21Atomic Heart Ps5 Part 22:33:564Atomic Heart
2023-02-21Atomic Heart Ps52:46:403Atomic Heart
2023-02-19Renööö0:221Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
2023-02-16BcE MW2 Season 23:377Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
2023-02-15BcE MW2 Season 22:36:179Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
2023-02-15ION FURY25:411Ion Fury
2023-02-15Mortal Shell Ps5 Part 156:120Mortal Shell
2023-02-14ION FURY Ps51:09:165Ion Fury
2023-02-14ION FURY from 3D Realms first boss???38:547Ion Fury
2023-02-14ION FURY from 3D Realms1:32:5910Ion Fury
2023-02-13ION FURY from 3D Realms1:00:552Ion Fury
2023-02-09EVIL DEAD Ps5 Multiplayer??21:402Evil Dead: The Game
2023-02-09“Juegos para aprender idiomas“ tercera parte Horizon Ps51:50:556Horizon Forbidden West
2023-02-08Juegos para aprender idiomas seconda parte Horizon Ps51:11:579Horizon Forbidden West
2023-02-08Juegos para aprender idiomas50:393Horizon Forbidden West
2023-02-07World War Z Ps51:26:171World War Z
2023-02-06Farcry 6 freeroam Ps536:123Far Cry 6
2023-02-05World War Z Ps53:38:064World War Z
2023-02-05Marv54:321Far Cry 4
2023-02-01Hardline Battlefield Lets goooo51:187Battlefield: Hardline
2023-02-01Battlefield 2042 Ps547:494Battlefield 2042
2023-02-01Battlefield 2042 Ps50:040Battlefield 2042
2023-01-31Battlefield 2042 Ps520:192Battlefield 2042
2023-01-31Battlefield 2042 Ps50:020Battlefield 2042
2023-01-30Dead Space Ps5 Gameplay #31:21:064Dead Space
2023-01-29Dead Space Ps5 Gameplay #23:14:523Dead Space
2023-01-29Cyber MW241:253Call of Duty: Black Ops
2023-01-28Dead Space Ps52:59:167Dead Space
2023-01-24Cyber MW237:075Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
2023-01-22The Entropy Center #517:542The Entropy Centre
2023-01-22The Entropy Center #515:342The Entropy Centre
2023-01-22Rene0:262Call of Duty: Modern Warfare