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About T70

Here on channel T70 my goal is to reach an audience that I can feel belonged to, at the same time having fun in the process. I don’t care about fame or money I just want something else to do as a social hobby for myself and maybe also for others. If it so happens that this channel does end up picking up revenue by itself and not by trying then I’ll accept it. What exactly I do on this channel is make videos on any racing game, automotive and soon aviation related entertainment. One other goal I have been wanting since I started the channel is finally get noticed by SlapTrain he has been one of biggest inspirations since the day i started this channel.

I'm T70 I enjoy Arcade Racers, Forza and pretty much anything that has to do with cars,
also am a fan SEGA games and upload various videos covering these topics,
but that is not all.

If these topics interest you be free to browse my channel
#T.70 #ForzaHorizon

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