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About PlayStationPaul

I've been capturing games for years, before YouTube was a thing and have been sharing here for about 9 years. I do only PlayStation games on this channel but have another channel for other systems, see below. I try to upload a new video every day and publish about 10 hours or more of content weekly. I have many old school VHS playthroughs plus recent HD ones.

I like to beat games 100%, on high difficulties and get platinum if I can. I play mainly action, adventure, fps, rpg, platformers and open world with other genres thrown in every now and then. Gameplay style is kinda explorey / immersive / role playish where appropriate. Most captures are blind and completely unrehearsed with minimal lossless editing, uploaded as raw unrendered files for the best video quality.

No e-begging, clickbait, sub / like prompting or anything like that. No commentary or gimmicks either, just pure gameplay from someone who loves games, has been playing them for decades and tries to do well at them.

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