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PlayStationPaul is a British YouTube content creator with over 8.93 thousand subscribers. His content totals roughly 6.9 million views views across roughly 5.92 thousand videos.

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About PlayStationPaul

PlayStation playthroughs, new and old.

I've been recording games for years, before YouTube existed. I try to upload a new video every day and publish several hours of content weekly. Check out my playlists. I have many old school VHS playthroughs, plus recent HD ones.

I like to beat games 100%, on high difficulties and get platinum if I can. I play action, adventure, FPS, RPG, platformers and open world, with other genres thrown in. Gameplay style is explorey / immersive / role playish, where appropriate. Most captures are blind and completely unrehearsed. I edit losslessly and upload the raw files, for the best video quality.

No e-begging, clickbait, sub & like nagging, or anything like that. No commentary or gimmicks either. Just pure gameplay from someone who loves games, plays them a lot, and tries to do well at them.

Note: I'm PAL region, so 50Hz display looks smoother for my 25/50 fps PS1 and PS2 videos.

Link to second channel below, for playthroughs on other systems.

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