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Firing Line: Tanner Van Vark
Tanner demonstrates some high level slappy skills on his way down the block. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:
2018-10-19 4:45:06 PM ● 13,785 views ● 0:24 98.18% liked
Rough Cut: Dick Rizzo's "Mother" Part
Rizzo’s Mother part was an instant classic, from the sublime skating to the soundtrack selection, but this raw, behind-the-scenes glimpse is...
2018-10-19 9:38:31 AM ● 32,390 views ● 14:00 96.50% liked
Ronnie Sandoval and Cedric Pabich's "Cruz To Watsonville" Video
Ronnie and Cedric catch a couple sessions on their way down to Watsonville before engaging in some heavy backyard vert revelry with the homies....
2018-10-18 4:15:00 PM ● 29,505 views ● 3:59 97.54% liked
Rough Cut: Josh Wilson's "Mother" Part
Josh attacks East Coast ‘crete with power and finesse. His POP is kind of a big deal, baby. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:
2018-10-17 10:43:38 AM ● 26,515 views ● 12:21 97.83% liked
Rumble In Ramona 2018 Video
Any good tradition should be allowed to mutate and evolve. This vert-ramp Rumble mixes the best parts of all different skate eras. There’s...
2018-10-16 3:36:06 PM ● 32,173 views ● 3:56 98.67% liked
SKATELINE - Kader Sylla VS Ishod, Nick Merlino El Toro, Evan Smith, Weck, Corey Glick, Supreme Nick Merlino Switch Ollie El Toro John Clemmons Souvenir...
2018-10-16 2:00:02 PM ● 80,642 views ● 3:22 98.39% liked
Out There: Trainwreck
A legend on the stuntwood, Alex Gall aka Trainwreck is now forging his reputation in a new creative pursuit, while channeling the same level...
2018-10-16 9:58:51 AM ● 37,117 views ● 4:27 97.89% liked
Rough Cut: Pedro Delfino's "Welcome to Deathwish" Part
Pedro is a barbarian, attacking each and every spot with unmatched ferocity. There is no off switch on this dude. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine...
2018-10-15 11:48:59 AM ● 12,348 views ● 16:32 98.29% liked
Nick jumps down the mountain known as El Toro, snapping a crisp switch ollie into the history books. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:
2018-10-12 3:52:18 PM ● 16,273 views ● 1:26 98.98% liked
The bands were rocking, the pit electric and the ramp action just kept detonating. We brought the Death Match to NYC and NYC brought the high-octane...
2018-10-12 1:00:04 PM ● 27,083 views ● 5:31 97.23% liked