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About Vincent Beers

This is a private channel that I share with the world, it exists mostly as an extension of conversations that I have with people. I post videos that are a direct response to someone I'm talking with either in forums or in real life and this is simply a place to share those videos for them.

I am an artist at heart, I paint with acrylics and inks and some of the art I may begin uploading as videos, it's a slow process and youtube has never been a primary interaction for me. I don't have editing software or any special equipment. My game videos are recorded with Gforce Shadowplay, unedited, I often don't bother to talk, it's just a way to show off a hobby. My artwork videos are recorded with either a cell phone or a Kindle and are meant to just give a taste of what the finished piece actually looks like in an effort to share it with someone that can not see it in real life.

Feel free to stick around or contact me for artwork if you want something custom on canvas or ceramics.

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