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I have been playing games for many years and now I've decided to record them. I try to record as many gameplays as possible and upload them here. I play the most games and want to share my gameplays with you here.

My videos are recorded with FRAPS 30 fps 1920x1080. I render them with sony vegas. I hope I will be able to use a higher bitrate and switch to 60 fps in future. At the moment I don't have enough performance and a slow connection to record and upload many 60 fps videos.

If YouTube or their partners flag my videos for copyright and third party stuff I will delete them instantly. There are many new games which I've played already. I also recorded gameplays and uploaded them to youtube but I had to delete them because they got flagged for copyright. Yea right I made free advertisement for them and they flagged my videos.

Message me if you are interested in collaborations and other projects with me. Im looking for a gfx guy to make a design for me.

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