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Hardware Canucks is focused on everything technology. We do in-depth reviews of the the latest Graphics cards, CPUs, storage, smartphones, notebooks, overclocking and gaming peripherals. We also focus on tutorials and how-to's so that you can just the most out of your PC gaming hardware. Join us as we unbox, review and benchmark the best computer hardware on the market.

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Why AMD Ryzen 3rd Gen & Zen 2 Should Get You VERY Excited!
AMD's 3rd generation Ryzen processors are almost being launched and in this video we go over some of Ryzen 3 and Zen 2 features and possible...
2019-01-20 10:10:25 AM ● 92,722 views ● 7:56 96.84% liked
This Gaming Mic Beats All ... V-MODA BoomPro
The V-MODA BoomPro gaming microphone is a perfect, inexpensive competitor to the Modmic series but it does have some serious limitations. Support...
2019-01-18 10:05:44 AM ● 59,115 views ● 8:09 97.79% liked
A DAM GOOD Road Trip To End CES 2019!
Our last CES 2019 video is here and we went out with some relaxation for once! To everyone who watch our videos and followed our coverage: THANK...
2019-01-15 6:20:53 PM ● 21,177 views ● 8:07 99.12% liked
The Perfect Gaming Monitor - Could This Be IT?
Throughout CES 2019 we were on the lookout of awesome gaming monitors and one has been FOUND! The 27" Aorus AD27QD might have a long name...
2019-01-14 3:02:33 PM ● 101,942 views ● 5:47 93.19% liked
The Extreme Airflow Case Is BACK!
Silverstone's Raven series is back with a prototype PC case that focuses purely on airflow. *Thanks to all our sponsors for CES 2019* Corsair...
2019-01-13 9:00:04 AM ● 89,196 views ● 7:53 96.47% liked
Corsair Slipstream Wireless Technology Explained!
Corsair has launched Slipstream wireless technology for their gaming peripherls. We decided to take some time to properly explain it. This could...
2019-01-12 2:00:01 PM ● 27,685 views ● 4:54 96.02% liked
This Case Is Built for Intel X599
The InWin 928 has a mission to provide an extreme case for Intel's upcoming X599 platform. *Thanks to our sponsors for helping us get to CES...
2019-01-12 10:00:11 AM ● 47,652 views ● 6:18 97.64% liked
We Take On Las Vegas!
The last few days of CES 2019 have been crazy but we also took some time to relax. :) *A special thanks to all our sponsors* Thermaltake Phanteks...
2019-01-12 4:00:03 AM ● 16,732 views ● 6:15 97.46% liked
Deepcool Does It Right WITHOUT RGB!
Deepcool and Gamer Storm came to CES 2019 with pc cases without a ton of RGB. The Macube 550 gaming case and Assassin III CPU cooler are two...
2019-01-11 8:00:04 PM ● 67,163 views ● 7:55 98.02% liked
Cooler Master Goes Modular With PC Cases!
We stop by Cooler Master's to check out their new Q500L, Q500P, Q300L, Q300P, H500p and the NR400 pc cases. These are some modular marvels! A...
2019-01-11 3:00:02 PM ● 40,655 views ● 4:42 98.69% liked