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Hello, welcome to TGC=TechGuyCharlie
I do product reviews, PC gaming, tutorials.. and more :D

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android 9 Pie final and official update awesome new features and one UI
This is a rundown of the new features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 running the final non-beta build of Android 9 Pie. hope you guys find the...
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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Android 9 Pie final and official update new features and One UI
Samsung is finally updating their Galaxy S9 and Note 9 series to Android 9 Pie. This video will show you the Galaxy S9 Plus running the latest...
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Ericsson T28s mobile phone from 1999 - Nostalgic Saturdays
Starting off with a new series called 'Nostalgic Saturdays' for the first video we are taking a look at the Ericsson T28s mobile phone from the...
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How I fixed the Sony Mini HiFi CD player grinding noise and a look inside the system
Since Sony's service centre said they won't fix stereos that are over 10 years old, I decided to take the HiFi system apart and disconnect the...
2019-01-09 10:25:22 AM ● 494 views ● 15:09 100.00% liked
Sony MHC VX7 Mini Hi Fi component system from 1999 unboxing and sound test
A brand new old stock Sony Hi-Fi Audio system back from 1999! The CD tray won't eject :( and surround speakers are missing. Going to get this...
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TGC's YouTube REWIND 2018
Here is a quick recap of all the videos I uploaded to YouTube in 2018! Happy new year guys! Almost all songs are from the Youtube audio library....
2019-01-01 4:31:51 AM ● 112 views ● 12:07 100.00% liked
Sony XS XB6941 4-Way Extra Bass Coaxial speakers for cars review and sound test
Just a quick review of the Sony XS-XB6941 4 Way Extra Bass speakers from Sony. Check out our Amazon affiliate links for all the parts used for...
2018-12-31 3:37:59 AM ● 1,017 views ● 11:32 100.00% liked
(Part 2) Car stereo at home DIY project - installing the speakers and sound test
Continuing on from the previous video, here I will finally finish off with the car stereo at home project! that means we will installing the...
2018-12-30 7:42:54 AM ● 1,222 views ● 24:07 90.91% liked
(Part 1) Car stereo at home DIY project update - new Sony amplifiers, JBL speakers and boxes
Upgrades! Upgrades and Upgrades :D Since I am keeping the car stereo setup, why not make it awesome? In this video, I vlog what upgrades I have...
2018-12-23 11:41:22 AM ● 1,172 views ● 18:49 100.00% liked
Honor Band 4 Review - Fitness band with full color AMOLED touchscreen display
The Honor band 4 from Huawei is a perfect fitness band for someone who is new to wearables, its super simple to operate, has a large full color...
2018-12-20 10:23:40 AM ● 12,068 views ● 17:01 95.05% liked