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Galaxy S10+ 20 BEST features tips and tricks you must know about
Timecode: Remap the Bixby button to launch your favourite app: 0:26 Tip for wireless power share: 2:17 Will wireless power share work with a...
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Samsung Galaxy S10+ VS Samsung Galaxy S9+ Comparison - Is It worth upgrading
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SanDisk 256GB MicroSd UHS 1 sdxc A1 speed test, 4K recording and review
An inexpensive, high capacity, fast and reliable micro sd card for your camera or phone? look no further. The 128GB SanDisk microSDXC Memory...
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25 Galaxy S10+ Customization and tweaks you should enable on your NEW Samsung smartphone
PS: This guide is for beginners or for users who are new to Android/Samsung ecosystem, this guide will show you step by step how to set up a...
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Galaxy S10+ blinking white light on the display during calls - The proximity sensor
Last night I noticed a strange white light blinking on the top right corner on the display of my Samsung Galaxy S10+ turns out, it is the proximity...
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Samsung Galaxy S10+ first impressions and unboxing, supplied accessories
Here is an unboxing, feature rundown and first impressions video for the Samsung Galaxy S10+ My Amazon Affiliate links: S10e:
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First Impressions
Samsung One UI Bixby button update - launch any app with the Bixby button (no 3rd party app needed)
Samsung has added a new feature to the One UI which lets you remap the Bixby button to any app you want on your phone, Sadly you can't remap...
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15 awesome overlooked features on Samsung Galaxy S9/Note9 with One UI and Q&A
The final video for the One UI! This video includes old as well as some new tips for your Samsung phone running One UI update. And most importantly...
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(Part 2) Samsung One UI Android 9 - best tips and tricks for Note 9 and S9
Welcome to part 2 of the tips and tricks video for the Samsung One UI/Android 9 Pie. This video includes new as well as the old tips and tricks...
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Samsung One UI Android 9 - best tips and tricks for Note 9 and S9 (part 1)
Hello everyone, I thought it would be a good idea to remake an updated version of Tips and Tricks video for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 running...
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