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Pokemon Meltan Reveals NEW FORM?
Meltan's mystery is slowly being revealed. But now we know how to catch a Meltan. What Meltans are like in the wild (or at home). Meltan's curious...
2018-10-10 2:05:18 PM ● 20,067 views ● 4:06 97.92% liked
How Pikachu Lost His Girlfriend
POKEMON DRAMA TIME! Pikachu and his girlfriend Kurin has finally been fully revealed in the latest episode of Pokemon. But it turns out, Kurin...
2018-10-08 4:27:29 PM ● 9,230 views ● 4:32 98.59% liked
NEW Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer EXPLAINED (Trailer 2)
The 2nd Dragon Ball Super : Broly movie trailer has been leaked/released into the wild and it gives us a much deeper look into exactly what the...
2018-10-04 3:50:57 PM ● 110,150 views ● 4:57 98.22% liked
Nintendo's Bowsette Revealed
Nintendo's latest art book release caught some people's attention and in it reveals a quick comic strip of bowser possessing Princess Peach with...
2018-09-28 2:11:21 PM ● 26,430 views ● 4:31 98.64% liked
New Pokemon Meltan Explained
New Pokemon Meltan has been officially revealed. What is Meltan, how does Meltan relate to Pokemon Let's Go and Pokemon Go, and why does it look...
2018-09-26 4:01:08 PM ● 77,080 views ● 4:14 97.38% liked
Bowsette Explained
Bowsette is here and here to stay whether you like it or not. So let's see how she got here, who created her, and how she came to be : Bowsette's...
2018-09-24 3:42:50 PM ● 515,629 views ● 4:50 97.80% liked
Official Re:Zero Anime Short Shows Off Emilia x Subaru
Re:Zero is coming back very soon with the OVA release on October 6th 2018. But before that, we got ourselves a Re:Zero anime short thanks to...
2018-09-21 2:39:11 PM ● 30,559 views ● 4:12 96.59% liked
Gintama is not ending just yet after all. It will continue into 2018 and probably well into 2019. Did we just get trolled by the author of Gintama,...
2018-09-14 2:57:48 PM ● 27,323 views ● 4:40 99.32% liked
Pikachu's Girlfriend Kurin REVEALED
Pokemon hype is back in full force with several new trailers showing off new combat mechanics, ways to travel with your pokemon as well as an...
2018-09-11 1:29:06 PM ● 186,015 views ● 4:16 96.63% liked
5 Hypest Upcoming Fall 2018 Anime
We're just a few weeks away from entering the fall 2018 anime season so let's take a look at what anime are MUST WATCH's and maybe some that...
2018-09-07 3:47:08 PM ● 152,191 views ● 4:46 96.00% liked