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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5 is coming out soon in October 2018, so what better way to hype it up than a massive survey that 17,000 people...
2018-08-14 3:28:52 PM ● 12,605 views ● 6:02 97.80% liked
Code Geass Sequel is NOT SEASON 3...
Code Geass just dropped a new trailer and it's finally confirmed we'll be getting a movie and not an anime series. The Ressurection of Lelouch...
2018-08-04 1:50:14 PM ● 33,948 views ● 4:25 96.78% liked
Is Gundam Build Divers the WORST GUNDAM EVER?
The numbers are out for Gundam Build Divers and it seems like this Gundam series has hit rock bottom in terms of viewership in comparison to...
2018-08-02 3:48:48 PM ● 31,278 views ● 4:56 96.68% liked
Digimon's Official New Look in 2018 GROWN UP
Digimon just announced a new movie project coming soon in preparation to celebrate the coming 20th anniversary to the digimon anime series. Digimon...
2018-07-30 3:53:25 PM ● 21,680 views ● 3:55 99.26% liked
Attack on Titan Author Changes Season 3 Story?!
Attack on Titan's author Isayama Hajime recently updated his blog and has revealed that there are going to be some changes made to the story...
2018-07-27 5:58:16 PM ● 46,644 views ● 4:24 98.63% liked
Gundam Reveals REASON for Live Action Movie
Sunrise (creators of the Gundam franchise) president Yasuo Miyakawa has come to talk about the upcoming live action Gundam movie they're making...
2018-07-25 3:47:18 PM ● 35,596 views ● 4:44 99.12% liked
New Broly VS Old Broly Differences COMPARED
The new Broly is putting Dragon Ball Super hype to an all time high so let's take a look at just what has been changed in this new Broly design...
2018-07-21 12:43:19 PM ● 7,470 views ● 4:29 98.32% liked
BEST Boruto Episode EVER Just Happened
The much hyped Boruto episode 65 just aired and not only lived up to the massive amount of hype it surpassed everyone's expectations. It's one...
2018-07-19 3:41:10 PM ● 21,678 views ● 5:37 98.54% liked
My Hero Academia Author HATED for Endeavor FIASCO
My Hero Academia's author Horikoshi has been at the center of some online drama recently after people read the latest chapter of MHA with Endeavor...
2018-07-18 11:12:13 AM ● 200,717 views ● 5:39 97.32% liked
Kubo Tite Teases Bleach Sequel?
The author of Bleach Kubo Tite has recently released his new one shot ":Burn The Witch" and it has been revealed that it takes place...
2018-07-12 4:45:25 PM ● 106,356 views ● 4:03 98.42% liked