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I talk about japanese pop culture stuff.

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My Hero Academia Made Everyone Cry AGAIN
My Hero Academia has done it again. In All Might and All for One's latest fight, the clash between the two titans has made MHA fans all over...
2018-06-18 4:02:37 PM ● 186,744 views ● 6:06 98.18% liked
The Moment Boruto Finally Grows Up
Boruto is finally showing signs of growing up and maturing in the latest showing of the Boruto anime where we hit the climax of the chunin exam...
2018-06-14 4:27:23 PM ● 135,927 views ● 6:46 97.44% liked
New Kirito in SAO Season 3 (Alicization)
Kirito is almost back for season 3 of Sword Art Online in the Alicization arc they're adapting for the anime in October 2018. Kirito has a refreshed...
2018-06-12 3:37:56 PM ● 53,603 views ● 4:38 98.39% liked
**SPOILERS ALERT** The long awaited character Kawaki has finally entered the picture in the Boruto series. All the theories about his true identity...
2018-06-06 5:30:14 PM ● 34,049 views ● 4:03 98.27% liked
New Bleach is Coming
A new Bleach one shot manga is coming along with a huge art book collection by Kubo Tite that have so far confirmed to contain art of grown up...
2018-06-04 5:25:16 PM ● 34,455 views ● 4:35 98.04% liked
Pokemon Let's Go ONLINE OR NOT?
Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let's Go Eevee's reveal gave us a ton of information about the upcoming Nintendo Switch release but the...
2018-06-02 2:28:59 PM ● 1,508 views ● 5:28 98.73% liked
Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee REVEAL EXPLAINED
Everything you need to know about the Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee reveal is explained here. There were 3 reveals today. Pokemon Quest, Pokemon...
2018-05-29 10:16:56 PM ● 148,286 views ● 7:23 97.42% liked
Pokemon Switch Reveal Confirmed
The reveal for Pokemon Switch has been long awaited and finally we have a pretty convincing lead with the Japanese variety show Oha Suta having...
2018-05-29 4:10:15 PM ● 53,010 views ● 3:23 97.41% liked
Fairy Tail's author Hiro Mashima finally reveals his new series to the world and it's called Eden's Zero for now. It was revealed in the weekly...
2018-05-26 6:34:15 PM ● 4,413 views ● 4:14 98.87% liked
Dragon Ball Super's manga artist Toyotaro has been under a little fire lately on twitter due to a twitter post he posted with a draft of Goku...
2018-05-23 3:23:48 PM ● 7,947 views ● 4:08 96.74% liked