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Canal dedicado a realizar covers de distintos tipos de música y de temas de videojuegos.

Channel dedicated to do covers of many types of music and videogame soundtracks.

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Mike Shinoda - Place To Start (Franco Lozano Remix)
VIDEO BLOCK FOR COPYRIGHT, HEAR THE SONG ON SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/francolozanomusic/mike-shinoda-place-to-start This is the entry...
2018-03-23 7:31:00 PM ● 480 views ● 2:32 87.50% liked
Mike Shinoda - Over Again (Franco Lozano Remix)
This is one of the entries for Mike Shinoda and Altwire's #RemixPostTraumatic contest, original song "Over Again" PRODUCTION Remix...
2018-03-23 6:56:12 PM ● 440 views ● 5:26 100.00% liked
Mike Shinoda - Watching As I Fall (Franco Lozano Remix)
This is one of the entries for Mike Shinoda and Altwire's #RemixPostTraumatic contest, original song "Watching As I Fall" PRODUCTION...
2018-03-23 6:56:12 PM ● 580 views ● 3:55 100.00% liked
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside (Full Cover)
It's been a really long time, but I'm finally back with a full cover. This time it's "Otherside", from Red Hot Chili Peppers. Enjoy!...
2016-07-31 10:59:02 PM ● 1,428 views ● 4:28 94.20% liked
MegaMan X3 - Blizzard Buffalo Stage Theme (Cover)
Here's my cover of one of the stage themes from MegaMan X3: Blizzard Buffalo! Enjoy! Cover made by Franco Lozano. Check out the new videos from...
2015-06-20 2:58:21 PM ● 10,035 views ● 3:02 96.32% liked
Shovel Knight - Of Devious Machinations | Clockwork Tower (Cover)
Hey, guys! Here's a new cover! This time I made a cover of one of my favorite themes from Shovel Knight. It's the theme song of the Clockwork...
2015-02-25 1:28:15 PM ● 7,799 views ● 2:38 94.97% liked
Jimmy Webb - The Last Unicorn (NSP Version Cover)
Here's a song written by Jimmy Webb for the soundtrack of "The Last Unicorn", a film based on the book by Peter Beagle. Dan Avidan...
2015-01-27 7:54:17 PM ● 7,122 views ● 2:48 96.75% liked
Earthworm Jim - Use Your Head | Buttville (Cover)
Here's a cover of one of the themes from Earthworm Jim called "Use Your Head (Buttvile)", written by the amazing Tommy Tallarico. Enjoy!...
2015-01-20 10:26:56 AM ● 4,227 views ● 2:35 86.49% liked
Starbomb - Regretroid (Instrumental Cover)
Here's another Starbomb instrumental cover, it's called "Regretroid", so here it is with some minor arrangements (Guitar Tuning Drop...
2014-12-04 9:52:39 AM ● 8,157 views ● 2:06 95.12% liked
Regular Show - Party Tonight (Full Cover)
Hey, guys! It's been a while, but now I'm back with a brand new cover. This time it's a song from Regular Show. I hope you enjoy it! Original...
2014-12-02 1:29:18 PM ● 451,127 views ● 2:37 95.60% liked