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Hi i'm The Jokester. My channel is all about my nerdy and geeky hobbies. I'm a huge gamer and collector it's part of my life and that's what you can expect here. So if you like let's plays, unboxings, anime, manga, comics, humor and everything in-between this channel is for you. So come one come all it's time to put a smile on that face!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! :)

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My Kingdom Hearts 3 multiplayer idea! 😱
Hey everyone me and my friends are really excited for KH3 and in that excitement a crazy idea came to me. What if KH3 had multiplayer mode of...
2019-01-16 6:20:55 PM ● 33 views ● 10:36 25.00% liked
Resident Evil 2  1 Shot demo with commentary
Join me on my playthrough of Resident Evil 2 one shot demo as i discuss the demo and have a good time. SHAREfactory™!/en-us/tid=CUSA00572_00...
2019-01-15 9:52:52 AM ● 7 views ● 28:30 0.00% liked
Crash Bandicoot F4F PVC statue!!!
Today I got an awesome unboxing Crash Bandicoot PVC 8 inch statue from First 4 Figures. It was on clearance sale at Best Buy for $18 bucks it's...
2019-01-08 5:59:43 PM ● 28 views ● 4:43 75.00% liked
Amazon's shipping is getting worse! 🤦😡
Amazon oh Amazon how mighty you have fallen time to rant on how dumb your shipping is how about ya put the monkeys in a cage and get some half...
2019-01-07 6:45:18 PM ● 44 views ● 5:37 33.33% liked
My concern for Limited Run Games
Today's discussion I talk about Limited Run Games and my concern over how many games there putting out at 1 time. When you live on a tight budget...
2018-12-31 4:56:51 PM ● 51 views ● 10:23 75.00% liked
Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks S. H. Figuarts unboxing
Today I got my Trunks Figuarts in and boy is it sweet I love it. So amazing!!! Trunks is one of my favorites so happy to have him. If you would...
2018-12-22 8:25:49 PM ● 43 views ● 7:19 75.00% liked
IndieXmas2018 is AMAZING! Please support indie games
I have been lucky enough to partake in a great video game community event going on over at Twitter called IndieXmas2018. It's an event where...
2018-12-21 7:22:55 PM ● 33 views ● 11:38 80.00% liked
Holiday deals from the Iffy Online Store ❤️
I recently made a purchase from the Iffy Online Store otherwise know is Idea Factory. Best known for publishing the Neptune games in the West....
2018-12-18 12:04:51 AM ● 48 views ● 8:57 80.00% liked
I got amazing deal on 3DS games!!! 😱😍
Best buy had buy 1 get 1 50% off but because of a glitch I was able to get a heavy discount on a 3rd title when added to my cart. The thing is...
2018-12-17 8:34:35 PM ● 20 views ● 5:01 66.67% liked
Message from Nomura on KH3 secret ending and epilogue not on disc
Tetsuya Nomura released a message to all KH fans about KH3 today. He also revealed that KH3 secret ending and epilogue would not be released...
2018-12-16 4:07:42 AM ● 196 views ● 7:46 27.27% liked