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Making your Nothings into Somethings
I hope some of this makes some kind of sense. I think the intentionality that John was discussing last video is wonderful, but I just don't know...
2019-04-19 10:13:16 AM ● 93,747 views ● 3:59 99.61% liked
Doing Somethings
In which John does something, and then starts to think about doing something vs. doing nothing. Harry Potter and the Sacred Text: http://www.harrypottersacredtext.com/...
2019-04-16 1:14:14 PM ● 151,988 views ● 3:32 99.58% liked
Escalators: We're Not Doing it Wrong (Mostly)
I certainly am not immune to imagining a narrative where one isn't, but the last thing we need to do is create a bunch of people who think they...
2019-04-12 9:20:50 AM ● 195,716 views ● 3:59 99.34% liked
The Only Psychiatric Hospital in Sierra Leone
Join the mailing list to learn more about the work nerdfighteria is supporting in Sierra Leone: https://forms.gle/2Gv6CLb2XN3FSN6W9 If you are...
2019-04-09 1:25:25 PM ● 133,597 views ● 6:22 99.81% liked
In which Hank Announces a Zine? Possibly? Also, talks about where John's been and April Fool's and his favorite horse and how vacations don't...
2019-04-05 8:38:11 AM ● 157,185 views ● 3:58 99.16% liked
You Are Probably a Victim of the Largest Theft of All Time
I thought this video was going to be a fun top ten list, then I realized that most of the theft in America is the rich robbing the poor. Literally!...
2019-03-29 9:39:38 AM ● 460,848 views ● 3:50 96.93% liked
Optimism and Spider People: Question Tuesday from the Looking for Alaska Set
In which John considers overrated fruit, Avenger superpowers, parents who don't fear spiders, and the best things to happen to him this week...
2019-03-26 1:30:00 PM ● 131,585 views ● 2:47 99.73% liked
How to Get a Colonoscopy
So, today I went in for a routine medical procedure, and I wanted to talk about it to: 1. Remove some stigma 2. Give some advice 3. Make it clear...
2019-03-22 8:12:46 PM ● 153,659 views ● 7:44 99.67% liked
Writing and Marriage Advice from Michelle Obama
In which John finds himself talking with former First Lady Michelle Obama about marriage and memoir. You can find more discussion with Michelle...
2019-03-19 10:00:01 AM ● 227,891 views ● 3:51 98.66% liked
Why We Stopped Making Explainers: EXPLAINED
There was a time when we thought we were going to move our explainers off of our main channel and build a business making just explainers. But...
2019-03-15 9:43:22 AM ● 172,947 views ● 3:56 99.40% liked