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It's ya boy, Dekkster -- the world renowned "forever dumpster legend" player that provides unnecessary and uninsightful commentary, as well as other things of equal or lesser value.

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Dragon Evolve Shaman | Rastakhan's Rumble | Hearthstone
I think this is either Kripps or WiRER's list - I'm not sure, but it's a great time! Evolve Shaman kinda feels like it's back! The dragons in...
2018-12-14 7:00:07 AM ● 15,188 views ● 32:47 97.77% liked
EZ Legend with Hyena Halazzi Midrange Hunter | 89% Winrate | Rastakhan's Rumble | Hearthstone
This list went 8-1 to hit legend on EU. It felt super fluid and caught a lot of opponents off guard. It even did well vs Odd Paladins! Try it...
2018-12-13 7:00:02 AM ● 728 views ● 46:18 100.00% liked
EZ Legend with Tempo Burn Nightblade Mage | Rastakhan's Rumble | Hearthstone
This Tempo Burn Mage made for a super smooth climb to legend. It's worth trying even if you don't have the legendaries (aside from Baku). Pinging...
2018-12-12 7:00:02 AM ● 19,515 views ● 41:41 98.31% liked
Top 7 Decks in Rastakhan's Rumble SO FAR | Day 7 | Hearthstone
Rastakhan's Rumble has been out for about a week now and the meta is still changing quickly! Craft with caution as everything is uncertain. There...
2018-12-11 7:00:03 AM ● 30,850 views ● 7:15 98.21% liked
Giant Beast Quest Druid | Rastakhan's Expansion | Hearthstone
This Jungle Giants Quest Druid is pretty good and uses a lot of new cards! Predatory Instincts, Stampeding Roar, Amani War Bear, Ironhide Direhorn,...
2018-12-09 7:00:06 AM ● 9,867 views ● 46:46 96.30% liked
Spellzerker Burn Mage | Rastakhan's Rumble | Hearthstone
Apxvoid made this amazing burn mage list and it is actually really good! If you missed the old burn mage, you'll be happy to see this! I believe...
2018-12-08 7:00:03 AM ● 15,239 views ● 28:09 96.47% liked
Does Quest Discard Lock Finally Work!? | Rastakhan's Rumble | Hearthstone
We had some really good games with Discard Warlock! I believe this list was made by Thjis, but I'm not 100%. We ended up going 6-2 and it was...
2018-12-07 7:00:15 AM ● 14,176 views ● 42:07 95.18% liked
Is Kingsbane Rogue Actually OP?! | Rastakhan's Rumble | Hearthstone
This might actually get out of hand. Kingsbane seems incredibly powerful right now. Definitely try this out if you have the cards, but be careful...
2018-12-06 6:30:01 PM ● 9,002 views ● 37:53 97.46% liked
Even Pirate Rogue | Rastakhan's Rumble | Hearthstone
This deck has not been performing very well for me, but I think it made some entertaining games and it's a lot of fun! A non-pirate even rogue...
2018-12-06 1:00:04 PM ● 5,561 views ● 13:02 98.54% liked
New Spell Hunter is Tier One?! | Rastakhan's Rumble | Hearthstone
The new spell hunter with Zul'jin is actually amazing. I'm currently 10-2 with this list. Zul'jin was kinda underperforming for me because I...
2018-12-06 7:00:00 AM ● 16,639 views ● 24:07 97.66% liked