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Welcome to Gaming Instincts - A brand new take on Video Game Journalism and the future of gaming. Includes Full Walkthroughs, Guides, Tips & Tricks, Game Coverage, Latest Trailers, and more to come in the future. Check out our official website at along with our twitter page for latest features, reviews, and news.

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Beyond Good & Evil 2: Characters Introduction (2019) | Gaming Instincts
Beyond Good & Evil 1 had a rich tapestry of characters, woven together into a huge adventure. In Beyond Good & Evil 2, it looks like...
2019-04-14 7:00:06 AM ● 12 views ● 6:02 100.00% liked
Sekiro': Shadows Die Twice Top 10 Hardest Bosses | Gaming Instincts
Sekiro: Shadow’s Die Twice has its fair share of bosses, minibosses, elites and various other challenging enemies. Nearly all of them introduce...
2019-04-10 4:35:45 PM ● 58 views ● 8:25 100.00% liked
How Would Abilities Work In Halo Infinite Multiplayer | Gaming Instincts
Armor Abilities and Spartan Abilities are one of the most debated topics in the Halo community. Should these abilities return in Halo Infinite,...
2019-04-09 11:32:20 AM ● 633 views ● 6:38 92.86% liked
PlayStation 5 in March? From Software Going Open World for Next-gen and More | Gaming Instincts
In this week's Primal Podcast episode Leo, Jordan and Jake take on the flurry of rumors and speculation that hit the industry last week. Between...
2019-04-07 1:23:55 PM ● 216 views ● 1:23:49 100.00% liked
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AC: Kingdom Leaked + Destiny 3 for Next-Consoles - Primal Newscast #2 | Gaming Instincts
Welcome to The Primal Newscast where Gaming Instincts goes over the hottest and most interesting news of the week that took place in the gaming...
2019-04-06 11:00:00 AM ● 58 views ● 5:40 100.00% liked
Division World Tier 5 Update & New Stronghold | Gaming Instincts
A few disclaimers first, though; the content isn’t out on the day I’m recording this and so I can’t show you the new stronghold or changes...
2019-04-05 5:09:18 PM ● 26 views ● 5:51 100.00% liked
Top 3 Halo CE Maps We'd Like To See In Halo Infinite | Gaming Instincts
Halo is a franchise filled with many multiplayer maps and remakes. Some maps have even made it into every mainline Halo title to date. Halo Combat...
2019-04-04 11:00:00 AM ● 39 views ● 9:53 100.00% liked
Beyond Good & Evil 2 Everything We Know So Far  (Gameplay 2019) | Gaming Instincts
Beyond Good & Evil 2 is currently in the works, being developed by Ubisoft. The game will feature and entire open-world, or perhaps you could...
2019-04-02 3:15:00 PM ● 707 views ● 6:37 100.00% liked
PlayStation 5 May Not Be Revealed This Year  - The Primal Newscast #1 | Gaming Instincts
Welcome to The Primal Newscast where Gaming Instincts goes over the hottest and most interesting news that took place over the week in the gaming...
2019-03-31 10:00:37 AM ● 23 views ● 5:58 100.00% liked
Top 5 Enemies We’d Like To See In Halo Infinite | Gaming Instincts
The Halo Universe is known for is vast amounts of species and enemies. Some of these have been absent from the Halo games for quite some time,...
2019-03-30 1:00:00 PM ● 1,973 views ● 8:30 85.11% liked