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About ASMRplays

ASMRplays is an ASMR Gaming YouTube channel, specialising in relaxing video game playthroughs and one-off videos

Gaming and ASMR are two of my passions and I love combining both of them to make (hopefully) great videos!

We post between 1 - 2 new videos each day, differing between long format series and short series or one-off playthroughs.



Current Playthroughs:

FIFA 19 - Career Mode and Ultimate Team
Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Fallout 76
American Truck Simulator

Plus extra bonus videos!


Channel art and thumbs created by Aves -

If you suffer from any kind of mental illness' then please do seek help- ASMR videos may in the short term, but trained professionals are advised.

Thanks for watching!

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ASMR: Games I Have Been Playing Ramble (Division 2 Gameplay)
Hi! Welcome back to some fresh content! Im not back back, but I wanted to record a video to keep things ticking over plus i do miss making videos...
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ASMR: Hearthstone - Evolve Shamen - Rastakhan's Rumble
Hi! Welcome back to Hearthstone! We check out some of the new Shamen cards and try to Evolve ourselves not Revolve ourselves.....
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ASMR Let's Chat About CES 2019 - Tech Talk!
Hi! Welcome to this chat about CES 2019! CES is the Consumer Electronic Show which takes place every year in Las Vegas, over 4500 companies showcase...
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ASMR: Hearthstone - Zul'Jin Quest Hunter - Rastakhan's Rumble!
Hi! Welcome back to Hearthstone We attempt to make this Zul'Jin quest hunter work - but soon find out somethings are best left dead......
2019-01-08 1:30:00 PM ● 841 views ● 46:18 90.00% liked
ASMR: Hearthstone - Miracle Priest 2 - Rastakhan's Rumble!
Hi! Welcome back to Hearthstone! We play a little more Miracle Priest which is a cool deck, relatively low cost and most importantly actually...
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2019 Guide to Building a Streaming PC
Hi! Welcome to this 2019 guide to getting started streaming! In this video we go through a decent starting pc spec for building a pc which will...
2019-01-06 5:00:01 AM ● 1,703 views ● 47:15 81.82% liked
ASMR: Hearthstone - Miracle Priest! - Rastakahn's Rumble
Hi! Welcome back to Hearthstone We take a little look at a new Miracle Priest deck I found on Hearthpwn - link below...
2019-01-04 1:30:00 PM ● 721 views ● 1:02:19 100.00% liked
ASMR: Fantasy Premier League - Week 20
Hi! Welcome back to Fantasy Football! After the highs of last week we come crashing back down to earth again....
2019-01-01 2:00:04 PM ● 522 views ● 21:38 92.31% liked
ASMR: PC Building Simulator - Part 6 - New Updates!
Hi! Welcome back to PC Building Simulator! It has been a little while since we checked out PCBS and it has had plenty of updates adding in new...
2018-12-31 1:00:03 PM ● 630 views ● 1:01:35 82.35% liked
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ASMR: Football Manager 2019 - Part 5 - Update
Hi! Welcome back to Football Manager 2019 Bit of an update on the last save and the new current save for you all
2018-12-29 2:42:16 PM ● 365 views ● 31:50 100.00% liked
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