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I'm a Pokémon shiny hunter holding a shiny charm. My streams are very chill with gaming music, relaxing and downright fun. I also play other 3DS games.


Donations and/or gifts are obviously appreciated but absolutely NOT expected.

Donate here: https://streamlabs.com/slingscottgames or contact me: therealgamingpuffin@gmail.com

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Discord: https://discord.gg/WpvDRKX
Twitter: twitter.com/realpuffin

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Hello Everyone! - Hope is a thing...A Quick Msg. From Puffin
Notifications on YouTube have been broken this weekend for me. This video is the only way I can communicate with my viewers who are not on Discord....
2019-01-13 1:27:00 PM ● 40 views ● 0:49 100.00% liked
Shiny Starter Mudkip Hunt - Help Me Get to 1K Subs! -  Pokémon Alpha Sapphire
#mudkip #shinyhunting #pokémon #alphasapphire We've been hunting Mudkip on and off since summer 2018...I'm going to step up the game and hopefully...
2019-01-13 1:21:06 PM ● 103 views ● 1:35:53 96.30% liked
Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Let's Play
Castform is EVIL! - FAIL - Pokémon Ultra Sun
While SOS Hunting a shiny Pawniard, Bisharp decides to call a Castform, which was faster than my Umbreon... then things got really, really EVIL....
2019-01-13 12:16:41 AM ● 85 views ● 1:14 100.00% liked
Shiny Suicune Hunt Day 3 (Evening) - Pokémon Ultra Moon
#suicune #shinyhunting #pokémon #ultramoon I'm back on a livestream! Join me and let's hang out. Suicune embodies the compassion of a pure spring...
2019-01-12 8:55:33 PM ● 98 views ● 2:11:51 100.00% liked
RARE Shiny Female Salandit at 49 SOS - (With Salazzle Evo!) - Pokémon Ultra Sun
Hi Everyone! I got lucky with this one!! Stay until the end and see the female Salandit evolve to a Salazzle! Female Salandit evolve into Salazzle...
2019-01-10 10:51:37 PM ● 94 views ● 2:14 100.00% liked
IMPORTANT Message from Puffin!
A Message to the viewers of the Puffin Party Discord | https://discord.gg/cPACFva Twitter | https://twitter.com/realpuffin
2019-01-10 1:09:37 PM ● 22 views ● 1:54 100.00% liked
Wormhole Nature Sync Trick - Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon
Hi Everyone! I'll be showcasing a simple trick to sync any nature to any Pokémon you encounter (including Legendaries & Ultra Beasts) in...
2019-01-09 9:18:38 PM ● 50 views ● 4:58 100.00% liked
Shiny Suicune Hunt Day 2 - Pokémon Ultra Moon
#suicune #shinyhunting #pokémon #ultramoon Our next Ultra Moon Hunt! This should be a fun and exciting hunt. Join me and let's hang out. Suicune...
2019-01-08 9:08:23 PM ● 139 views ● 2:03:02 100.00% liked
Bagon FINALLY Shines at 970 SOS - What Did I Name It? - Pokémon Ultra Sun
FINALLY! A personal SOS record. Previously held by Elgyem at 955 Thanks for sticking with me on the livestreams everyone! I had to finish this...
2019-01-07 9:25:40 PM ● 97 views ● 2:43 100.00% liked
Shiny Bagon Hunt Day 2 - 700+ SOS & Counting - Pokémon Ultra Sun
#bagon #shinyhunting #pokémon #ultrasun #salamance After yesterday's livestream, I hunted Bagon until 711 SOS Encounters...with no shiny in...
2019-01-07 7:40:55 PM ● 121 views ● 1:40:22 100.00% liked