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Hello, I am Shiro. I play other game but Puyo now, I will be planning to upload other games, I'll still be playing PuyoPuyo20th, PuyoPuyo Tetris and Of course some Rank PuyoPuyoVS. What I am planning to up load will be, Smash bros 3DS/ Wii U, Pokemon showdown or ORAS matches. that is it for now, also, I'll try to get back into LP's and I will be making tutorials for PuyoPuyo.

I'm a really nice person, I like to play games with other people like PuyoPuyo, Smash3DS/WiiU and including animal crossing: New leaf. I'm not a very good player but I still try to play at my best without struggle, I love to draw, still in practice there're not very good atm. I also play many games which I will plan on recording, I will accept request for Puyo matches you want me to record, I cannot record PuyoPuyo Tetris atm sense my PS3 is broken(working on getting a new one)
read a little bit of manga's I really like the Yu-gi-oh manga a lot. I do collect a few other manga.

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PPeS More Beautifully, More Strongly! (Raffina's ThemePP15th) (Fixed)
This one should be fixed, hopefully this one is better other wise Mrs.Accord gonna bop me with her Hammer if this doesn't play how it should....
2018-11-06 12:50:45 AM ● 146 views ● 15:30 100.00% liked
PPeS Combat Queen Rulue sama!! (Rulue's ThemePP15th)
Rulue, the fighting Queen~!! another character I really enjoy playing as her and a really good music brought back. I really do hope Rulue and...
2018-11-06 12:03:10 AM ● 147 views ● 15:30 100.00% liked
PPeS I WANT YOUR POWER!!! (Schezo's themePP15th)
Schezo, the dark wizard with very interesting vocabulary... have always love this character but also feel bad for him. I would say he's one of...
2018-11-05 11:49:09 PM ● 181 views ● 15:31 100.00% liked
PPeS Select a character
I really love hearing this when picking a character just wanna sit here until the timer runs out haha! Also. From the characters we have now,...
2018-11-01 12:35:42 AM ● 15 views ● 15:29 100.00% liked
PPeS Final of PuyoPuyo (PP15th)
You know, I'll always love this remake no matter what, one of the most best music to be brought back and fits perfectly for Satan himself~!
2018-10-31 8:20:37 PM ● 213 views ● 15:28 100.00% liked
PPeS Always WaiWai PuyoPuyo Victory! (from PPFchu)
Aaaaah, this theme has always been my favorite ever sense I emulated PPFchu, idk why, always sounds silly and cheerful also theirs not very much...
2018-10-31 7:26:17 PM ● 159 views ● 15:31 100.00% liked
PPeS Meeting place (Internet Menu)
This music is from PuyoPuyoFeverChu used for the Internent menu for PuyoPuyo eSports, the name and the music itself fits perfectly~! Let's all...
2018-10-31 7:21:26 PM ● 158 views ● 15:34 100.00% liked
PPeS It's Been a Long Time Since We Passed Through Space Time! (Main Menu)
This remake of Arle's theme is very Jingly and melody-ish, every time I hear this, I'm always in a mode for a Puyo match~! Bayoen~!! This isn't...
2018-10-30 10:34:05 PM ● 782 views ● 15:28 100.00% liked
PPeS The Untrained Demon King Ultimate Legend (Guitar version)
This makes me wish Popoi was playable, damn though, a really meow-tasic music. This isn't mine. Belongs to Sega. ( may sound loud so be prepared)...
2018-10-30 12:50:00 AM ● 893 views ● 15:25 100.00% liked
PPeS Last from PuyoPuyo 2 (Guitar version)
I love this music so much ( It may sound loud btw so be prepared) This music isn't mine belongs to Sega.
2018-10-29 3:04:51 PM ● 998 views ● 15:26 100.00% liked