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Hello, I am Shiro. I play other game but Puyo now, I will be planning to upload other games, I'll still be playing PuyoPuyo20th, PuyoPuyo Tetris and Of course some Rank PuyoPuyoVS. What I am planning to up load will be, Smash bros 3DS/ Wii U, Pokemon showdown or ORAS matches. that is it for now, also, I'll try to get back into LP's and I will be making tutorials for PuyoPuyo.

I'm a really nice person, I like to play games with other people like PuyoPuyo, Smash3DS/WiiU and including animal crossing: New leaf. I'm not a very good player but I still try to play at my best without struggle, I love to draw, still in practice there're not very good atm. I also play many games which I will plan on recording, I will accept request for Puyo matches you want me to record, I cannot record PuyoPuyo Tetris atm sense my PS3 is broken(working on getting a new one)
read a little bit of manga's I really like the Yu-gi-oh manga a lot. I do collect a few other manga.

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A Happy Birthday to Schezo (Ranked)
Well today I found out that it is Schezo birthday today. so decided to hope in some Rank Tsu and play'd a bunch of matches online. Sorry if there's...
2019-03-16 10:19:45 PM ● 2,997 views ● 57:07 100.00% liked
Puyo Puyo eSports ShiroBrawl VS Stepcat
here with another replay. This one was very intense, well that's what I think. but still did alright but could of done better, well I had fun...
2019-03-13 3:22:06 AM ● 2,639 views ● 36:23 100.00% liked
Puyo Puyo eSports ShiroBrawl VS Suigingin FT20
Here another freeplay match, I don't have much to say other than there will be more Puyo matches. few more are gonna, say, a couple more freeplay...
2019-03-06 3:02:35 PM ● 3,158 views ● 37:33 100.00% liked
Puyo Puyo eSports ShiroBrawl VS aki FT20
Hey guys I been doing a lot of freeplay matches with a few people, this is of course a friendly competition and doing it for fun, I do have a...
2019-02-26 11:17:52 PM ● 2,457 views ● 42:31 100.00% liked
Tetris 99
Decided to do record some Tetris 99, so far really enjoying the game so far. Not the best nor the worst still trying to get use to the controls...
2019-02-16 12:07:30 AM ● 5,401 views ● 44:42 94.69% liked
Puyo Puyo Esports: When you wanna PuyoPuyo... (Morning stream) (SW)
2019-02-13 7:17:42 PM ● 2,498 views ● 2:39:18 96.43% liked
PuyoPuyo esports (SW)
Broadcasted live on Twitch - Watch live at
2019-01-30 10:51:18 AM ● 1,328 views ● 1:30:03 97.14% liked
Super Smash bros Ultimate
Broadcasted live on Twitch - Watch live at
2019-01-29 6:57:18 PM ● 400 views ● 4:27:32 100.00% liked
Playing some Puyo Puyo Tetris/with Zak and Union (SW)
Broadcasted live on Twitch - Watch live at
2019-01-27 3:08:24 AM ● 839 views ● 2:31:25 100.00% liked
PuyoPuyo Tetris
Hello everyone and welcome to the stream. I'm ShiroBrawl but you can call me shiro too. I'm really into playing the puzzle game called PuyoPuyo....
2019-01-26 1:49:23 PM ● 817 views ● 28:15 91.30% liked