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Hello, I am Shiro. I play other game but Puyo now, I will be planning to upload other games, I'll still be playing PuyoPuyo20th, PuyoPuyo Tetris and Of course some Rank PuyoPuyoVS. What I am planning to up load will be, Smash bros 3DS/ Wii U, Pokemon showdown or ORAS matches. that is it for now, also, I'll try to get back into LP's and I will be making tutorials for PuyoPuyo.

I'm a really nice person, I like to play games with other people like PuyoPuyo, Smash3DS/WiiU and including animal crossing: New leaf. I'm not a very good player but I still try to play at my best without struggle, I love to draw, still in practice there're not very good atm. I also play many games which I will plan on recording, I will accept request for Puyo matches you want me to record, I cannot record PuyoPuyo Tetris atm sense my PS3 is broken(working on getting a new one)
read a little bit of manga's I really like the Yu-gi-oh manga a lot. I do collect a few other manga.

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Playing some PuyoPuyo Tetris (No mic) Sept. 03/2018
Well hello everyone, shirobrawl here. really nothing much happen, wanted to stream for sometime a bit. even tho it's been like 3 hrs. My PuyoPuyo...
2018-09-03 4:58:21 PM ● 1,076 views ● 3:05:48 100.00% liked
PPT morning ranks on the computer!
FC: SW-8494-8974-5197 PSN: ShiroBrawl Twitter: Steam: ShiroBrawl Twitch:
2018-08-31 12:12:40 PM ● 1,713 views ● 3:35:10 97.78% liked
PPT Night rankings Switch
FC: SW-8494-8974-5197 PSN: ShiroBrawl Twitter: Steam: ShiroBrawl Twitch:
2018-08-28 1:49:33 AM ● 1,789 views ● 4:18:58 100.00% liked
PPT Live!
FC: SW-8494-8974-5197 PSN: ShiroBrawl Twitter: Steam: ShiroBrawl Twitch:
2018-08-27 8:59:48 AM ● 999 views ● 2:41:49 100.00% liked
PPT all night long!! (Switch) with Yoshi100_Aus [8/24/2018]
Heyo heyo, here with another stream wanted to stream twitch for one last time, this one is just the same old me playing ranks but yoshi and I...
2018-08-25 12:17:59 PM ● 1,244 views ● 6:12:17 96.55% liked
Endurance Versus (PuyoPuyo)
I thought it be fun to record some Endurance Versus mode, I started off with PuyoPuyo just so I can get it over with but luckily the video didn't...
2018-08-11 9:47:04 AM ● 1,565 views ● 1:44:13 98.28% liked
PuyoPuyo Tetris/ playing Ranks ( no mic ) 8/5/018
2018-08-07 5:23:43 AM ● 64 views ● 2:51:08 75.00% liked
Practicing before Evo ( no mic)
2018-08-04 5:52:50 AM ● 864 views ● 2:59:38 96.88% liked
PuyoPuyo Tetris Time! / Splatoon 2 trying out new weapons
Hello everyone, this stream is just playing around with few of my friends in PuyoPuyo Tetris and splatoon 2. I won't be streaming other games...
2018-08-01 1:16:16 AM ● 365 views ● 3:17:00 93.33% liked
Splatoon 2
Splatoon 2 (2017)
Playing PPT ranks/ swap with some friends and PvP with Dante (July 30th)
Ik last time I streamed went downhill very fast. This is just to see if I'm able to stream so far I am and would like to thank for those telling...
2018-07-30 11:07:34 PM ● 568 views ● 3:04:09 100.00% liked