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Welcome to RMG (Robby Mitchell Gaming)!
Game Design Major / Game Programming Minor at Champlain College.

I also edit highlight videos for Failboat! (Check out sidebar for his channel)

The videos I post usually go by whatever I'm feeling, which can be anything from reviews, to gameplay videos, to compilations, etc etc.
As you can probably guess by the name, it will USUALLY have something to do with gaming...

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Slap City | Who Can Recover Under Hurtland - 2! ASHA UPDATE!!
BUY SLAP CITY!!! Who can recover under Hurtland in Slap City? This is a video revisiting...
2018-12-17 6:05:50 PM ● 451 views ● 3:07 92.59% liked
I just wanna play the game :( (Music is Bumpertown from the Slap City OST)
2018-07-08 5:05:39 PM ● 166 views ● 1:02 100.00% liked
You Came All This Way To Super-Armor a Dumbbell | Slap City JV5?
This is a reference to the older M2K videos like this: Welcome to Slap City, a platform fighter with...
2018-07-07 6:46:13 AM ● 188 views ● 1:40 100.00% liked
How Fishbunjin Dittos are Meant to be Played | Slap City
Slap City in its purest form (Sorry for low sound, this was just gonna be an unlisted video I sent to some friends but I decided that The World...
2018-05-28 11:51:21 AM ● 5,095 views ● 0:46 94.74% liked
Rivals of Aether | Sandbert Combo Video
For April Fools Day, the fantastic people behind Rivals of Aether released a Beta-only character - Sandbert. As someone who can never seem to...
2018-04-02 2:15:17 AM ● 5,974 views ● 2:55 99.10% liked
Slap City | Who Can Recover Under Hurtland? (GODDESS OF EXPLOSIONS UPDATE IN DESCRIPTION!)
NOTE FROM JULY 2018: With newer releases and patches, the info in this video is outdated! It still has some valuable insights, but due to the...
2018-03-13 1:36:15 AM ● 14,270 views ● 12:54 91.95% liked
Planet Snatchers Trailer | GameFest 2017
2017-04-28 5:55:12 PM ● 370 views ● 1:01 100.00% liked
Rivals of Aether Full Release Combo Video
**This video is not sponsored, and I am in not way affiliated with Rivals of Aether, Dan Fornace, etc. Get Rivals of Aether -
2017-03-27 12:20:41 PM ● 20,217 views ● 6:13 93.04% liked
Kazoo Collector - Full Gameplay - School Project
Main Music Credit: Tsuko G! Yellow-Switch Sound: Me! (In FL Studio) We had to make a 3D Collection...
2016-09-19 4:49:37 PM ● 154 views ● 5:56 75.00% liked
Melee Sheik Up B Ledge Cancel
SHEIK IS VIABLE? (Tested this initially on console, recorded on Dolphin for video quality) This is VERY possible to do consistently. I found...
2016-08-13 1:10:42 PM ● 1,387 views ● 0:12 100.00% liked