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Hello and welcome to Gaming with Run Level Zer0! I'm really excited to have you here and hope that you enjoy your stay. This is my third channel on YouTube and is dedicated to gaming content. I am primarily a fan of Star Trek Online and that content makes up the bulk of my gaming videos but I also play World of Warships and Neverwinter Online. Please be sure to check out my other two channels, Run Level Zer0 and Southeast Woodcraft. They are dedicated to Linux reviews/tutorials and woodcraft/bushcraft content, respectively.

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Tier VI Aigle; Not Really A Destroyer [World of Warships]
The Aigle is an impressive and fun ship... once you accept the fact that it's not a typical destroyer. It plays more like a light cruiser or,...
2019-01-18 4:50:47 AM ● 56 views ● 17:18 100.00% liked
U.S.S. Benson; Agile Knife Fighter [World of Warships]
The Tier VIII USN Destroyer Benson is a capable ship that up tiers well. She's able to hold her own against even the toughest of foes. **********************************...
2019-01-16 8:56:19 PM ● 13 views ● 20:29 66.67% liked
Solo Polaris Chitters Hunt with Great Drops [Neverwinter Online]
No commentary on this one. This is a solo Polaris Chitters Hunt in the Lost City of Omu. I get some awesome drops from this one. *******************...
2018-12-29 11:51:48 AM ● 45 views ● 3:53 100.00% liked
S' Torr Warship Visual Review [Star Trek Online]
7:50 to skip to the ship. Today I finished the Winter Event grind in Star Trek Online and claimed the Tier 6 S'Torr Warship. *****************************...
2018-12-29 9:32:45 AM ● 46 views ● 20:30 100.00% liked
Ernst Gaede; The Versatile Stalker [World of Warships]
I've really been getting to like the German Destroyer line in general. Those torpedo boats offer some great defensive capabilities as well as...
2018-12-27 6:26:48 PM ● 13 views ● 19:24 100.00% liked
H.M.S. Fiji; Getting the Job Done! [World of Warships]
Everyone has their favorite ship in this game. The Fiji has always held a special place for me. Let me show you why. ********************************...
2018-12-21 9:37:51 PM ● 15 views ● 14:00 100.00% liked
Knife Fighting HOSHO! [World of Warships]
Question; can a carrier knife fight a light cruiser and win? Yep! Go to 11:52 to skip to the better content. *************************************...
2018-12-18 10:12:40 PM ● 37 views ● 19:58 100.00% liked
A Glorious Loss in the Pensacola [World of Warships]
This fight really highlights all aspects of the Tier VI USN Heavy Cruiser, Pensacola. **************************** World of Warships
2018-12-13 7:30:01 PM ● 15 views ● 22:58 100.00% liked
Seal Tastes Good!!! [World of Warships]
Shameless Tier IV seal clubbing with the Clemson. Kraken Unleashed! ********************************************* World of Warships
2018-12-12 6:08:18 PM ● 10 views ● 16:56 100.00% liked
Freedom - Cleveland Camo [World of Warships]
I finally completed the American Cruiser Collection. Taking a look at the Freedom - Cleveland Camo. ************************************** World...
2018-12-06 4:35:27 AM ● 15 views ● 4:06 100.00% liked