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Hello and welcome to Gaming with Run Level Zer0! I'm really excited to have you here and hope that you enjoy your stay. This is my third channel on YouTube and is dedicated to gaming content. I am primarily a fan of Star Trek Online and that content makes up the bulk of my gaming videos but I also play World of Warships and Neverwinter Online. Please be sure to check out my other two channels, Run Level Zer0 and Southeast Woodcraft. They are dedicated to Linux reviews/tutorials and woodcraft/bushcraft content, respectively.

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Freedom - Cleveland Camo [World of Warships]
I finally completed the American Cruiser Collection. Taking a look at the Freedom - Cleveland Camo. ************************************** World...
2018-12-06 4:35:27 AM ● 2 views ● 4:06 100.00% liked
U.S.S. Cleveland; Killer Cockroach! [World of Warships]
The Tier 8 Cleveland unleashes the Kraken! ****************************** World of Warships *******************...
2018-12-03 8:59:02 AM ● 1 views ● 18:40
U.S.S. Benson: Gunboat Domination [World of Warships]
The versatile USN Destroyer Benson lays down a heavy barrage of gunfire to ensure victory for the team.
2018-12-02 11:00:51 PM ● 1 views ● 15:48 100.00% liked
T6 Pensacola First Impressions [World of Warships]
My first game in the Tier 6 American Heavy Cruiser, Pensacola. It wasn't what I was expecting.
2018-12-02 7:52:49 PM ● 4 views ● 17:02 100.00% liked
Suratuk’s Teal Crag Cat [Neverwinter Online]
Taking advantage of the Winter Bonus Rewards to give you a first look at the 5000 Zen reward... Suratuk’s Teal Crag Cat. ***********************************...
2018-11-21 3:58:55 PM ● 6 views ● 4:30 100.00% liked
A Bug Report and Broom Mount [Neverwinter Online]
Picking up my Enchanted Broom Mount and reporting an unusual bug in Protector's Enclave.
2018-10-31 4:31:49 AM ● 34 views ● 11:23 50.00% liked
USS Benson; Down to the Wire [World of Warships]
My third game in an un-upgraded Benson. Things started out great and went downhill fast. This game was a nail-biter that came down to the very...
2018-10-11 9:13:02 PM ● 3 views ● 23:45 100.00% liked
U.S.S. Farragut; Damn the Torpedoes! [World of Warships]
This is one of my first runs in the Tier VI USN Destroyer Farragut. ********************************************* Star Trek Online
2018-09-04 9:08:32 PM ● 10 views ● 14:28 100.00% liked
The Magic of Teamwork; HMS Fiji; [World of Warships]
WoWS is supposed to be a team-oriented game but it seems that the only way to get good teamwork is to enter a Division or Clan Battle. Most PuG...
2018-08-15 9:17:04 AM ● 35 views ● 22:27 100.00% liked
Nicholas Fury! [World of Warships; Kraken Unleased]
This was fun game that had a rough start but finished strong. Featuring the Tier IV USN Destroyer Nicholas. ************************** Star Trek...
2018-08-12 7:07:12 AM ● 11 views ● 17:21 100.00% liked