AI: The Somnium Files

AI: The Somnium Files

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Latest Let's Plays For AI: The Somnium Files

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
3 days ago Echo SixFAMILIAR BLOOD | Let's Play AI: The Somnium Files (Blind) | Ep. 257:0083
2020-05-19United States justonegamrAI: THE SOMNIUM FILES - Playthrough Part 23 [PS4]55:28311
2020-05-18United States JaxnosOh Look, It's AI: The Somnium Files | Part 101:16:127
2020-05-15Canada Squish Gaming#86 - Fallen From Grace || AI: The Somnium Files (Interactive, 100%)21:4010
2020-05-14 DomEReapeRAI: The Somnium Files Playthrough Part 4 - Twitch VOD4:37:2911
2020-05-12 Fission MailureAI: The Somnium Files2:29:566
2020-04-27United States Bittersweet GamersINVINCIBLE RAINBOW ARROW | Let's Play AI The Somnium Files part 401:49:022,952
2020-04-14 Stretch AdventureKSThe True Ending - AI: The Somnium Files w/ Noby (VN Adventure - Blind)1:31:09161
2020-04-08Netherlands NevercravenLet's play (Blind): AI - The Somnium Files: Part 29 - Investigating the murder of Iris and Ota26:523
2020-04-04 RPG KingdomkidHome-Let's Play AI The Somnium Files Part 35 (Final)1:22:016
2020-03-11Canada MaterwelonzGrand Finale - Let's Play AI: The Somnium Files Blind Part 59 Ending [Japanese VA PC Gameplay]1:06:511,830
2020-03-01United States theKingdomKidLet's Play AI The Somnium Files Trailer2:103
2020-01-31United States The Musical GamerLet's Play AI The Somnium Files #55 (Finale): The Invincible Rainbow Arrow41:34724
2020-01-29United States Pharaoh2091AI: The Somnium Files [BLIND LET'S PLAY/PLAYTHROUGH/PC GAMEPLAY] - Finale1:43:49334
2020-01-26United States Xenoflux RaidenAI The Somnium Files ➤ FINAL - AI - Let's Play - Gameplay Walkthough - PC1:22:081,535
2019-12-08Germany SinthorasAI The Somnium Files #61 /Finale: Ein Song zum Abschluss/ Gameplay (Untert.: Englisch Kom.: Deutsch)29:1049
2019-11-06United States Ezekiel IIIZeke Plays: AI The Somnium Files part 11:44:08368
2019-11-02Australia Ninja Kuma - Let's Plays, Reactions, MemesTRUE ENDING REACTION - Ai the Somnium Files Walkthrough -8- BLIND Let's Play | Playthrough Gameplay6:24:144,694
2019-10-20United States theAkamatzuAka plays AI: The Somnium Files (END)7:19:23550
2019-10-16United States ShirakoZXTV[Blind Let's Play] Ai: The Somnium Files EP 39: Resolution Route End59:15383
2019-10-14Canada Renigade6889 REASONS WHY [Part 8] Ai: The Somnium Files Blind2:29:49121
2019-10-08United States IhzzayThe Worst Shootout Ever - AI: The Somnium Files - 3 - Playthrough3:19:5345
2019-10-05 Valioa JusticeVal Plays AI: Somnium Files FINALE #23 - kassAI1:05:21132
2019-10-05 Trevor BoydLet's play AI The Somnium Files! Part 111:10:492
2019-10-04United States CohhCarnageLet's Play AI: The Somnium Files With CohhCarnage - Episode 5940:546,435

Latest Reviews For AI: The Somnium Files

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-02-17United Kingdom MirtaResetERA user review bombs pro LGBTQ+ game AI: The Somnium Files9:35109
2020-02-15Sweden ValkyrieAuroraAI: The Somnium Files - Review12:0463,389
2019-12-02France AlexisTGF[SPOILERS] AI : The Somnium Files - Review - TGF & DaphneeZouGaming2:03:2578
2019-11-10United Kingdom eMPlay's ModetroAI: The Somnium Files - PS4 Pro - Day 2: Saturday - Investigation Sample16:3215
2019-10-16 wiiviewrAI: The Somnium Files Review (Nintendo Switch)6:132,063
2019-10-05United States CohhCarnageCohh's Thoughts On AI: The Somnium Files6:3713,526
2019-10-05Germany Greg's RPG HeaveNAI: The Somnium Files im Test 💀 Stech mir in die Augen, Kleines! (Review)15:198,677
2019-10-03Australia Dave Talks Video GamesShould you play AI: The Somnium Files? (Impressions / Review)6:51111
2019-10-01 Nino's Play4FunAi The Somnium Files Critical Review14:25116
2019-09-25United States VCiPzAI: The Somnium Files Review - Your Eyes Will Be Opened8:14243
2019-09-17United States Noisy PixelAI: The Somnium Files Review - Noisy Pixel6:265,519
2019-09-15United States Nintendo SphereAI: The Somnium Files REVIEW Nintendo Switch2:041,163
2019-09-12 Nintendo World Report TVAI: The Somnium Files - Review4:4731,282
2019-09-12United States GammaladAI The Somnium Files Review (PS4, Switch, PC) | Gamma Review5:257,280
2019-09-12United States Backlog BattleAI: The Somnium Files Review | 22 Hours Later | Backlog Battle9:2213,365
2019-09-12United States R3D GamingAI: The Somnium Files Quickie Review (Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS4 Pro, and Steam / PC)5:001,159