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Channels With The Most Views

1.United States Jake Fellman5,384,341,952
2.United States SSundee4,008,395,279
3.United States Shiloh & Bros1,489,412,558
4.Malaysia invisible super1,449,270,295
5.Canada Disguised Toast835,275,147
6.Mexico PathoFail748,968,725
7.United States FastToon722,953,783
8.United States MrBeast Gaming703,823,299
9. Hornstromp Games700,332,505
10.United States InquisitorMaster674,454,171

Channels With The Most Videos

1.United States xQc Clips5,242
2.Brazil Among Clips3,621
3. Ethan wu2,874
4.United Kingdom Peanut Animation2,820
5.New Zealand Among Us2,747
6.Canada xQc2,168
7.Indonesia RTP Clip2,146
8.United States Kles2,074
9.Japan 仙人のGEN1,892
10.Japan 中野あるま / Alma Nakano1,853

Latest Let's Plays For Among Us

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1 day agoIndia play4kids🔴Among Us Live with Viewers🔴 |LET'S PLAY AMONG US | Among Us JOINUP CODE |2:41:15167
1 day agoCanada Maple Syrup Gaming and TechLet's Play FROGGIE A RETRO PLATFORMER on Nintendo Switch1:01:12268
2 days agoUnited States predakingdomPerona plays Among Us with friends and Subs3:50:25331
3 days agoUnited States DrippETC1 PLAYS AMONG US ! [Hilarious]25:2020
3 days agoIndia GamingWith121royal princess run challenge 😻#royaltyfreemusic #royalprincess #shorts0:56437
3 days agoGermany Dhalucard - Extra ContentJester Tricks - Among Us15:305,211
5 days ago MyZael NeffeLet's Play Among Us6:291
5 days agoUnited States Gamer_PlayzNOTHING BUT TRUTHS AND LIES || Among Us Mega Cut1:33:537
2024-02-18 DENZO PLAYS"Among Us Subscriber Showdown: Denzo Plays Road to 300 Subs!"1:00:0129
2024-02-18Spain Romy PlaysPARTIDAS RANDOM CON GENTE RANDOM | Among Us | Romy Plays24:3318
2024-02-17United States KGF! Gaming and More!Jake Plays: Among Us!16:4110
2024-02-16United States DaPotatoKing🔴 AMONG US WITH VIEWERS JOIN UP - VARIETY GAMES WITH VIEWERS - !ChangeGame !Commands #varietygaming2:00:17111
2024-02-16 Soul KingGames -Among us, Black ops II and others Ft. Mike12549, HVY_ALPHA2:01:4255
2024-02-16 Juanindo Jorgi Janad#shorts #arilasso #bcl #akudandirimu #amongus #royalpear #shortswars #gaming #crewmate #impostor #yt0:4350
2024-02-15India Broken Abhishek ytBig Brain Amoung Us Shapeshifter Imposter Plays | Please Guys Support | Channel dead 😭2:3033
2024-02-15India Tamil Gaming ForeverAmong Us Easter Egg 🤩 | #notuforever #tamilgaming0:354,201
2024-02-15 Alpharad ReplayAmong Us, but with overpowered mods4:19:4170,927
2024-02-14United States Couches n' CablesAmong Us Multiplayer LIVESTREAM! Happy Valentines Day! | CNC Livestreams1:06:5515
2024-02-14United Kingdom Yandere GamingYandere Gaming Plays... Among Us w/ Friends (Part 1)37:5783
2024-02-14United States JaidenVODSI can't trust anyone anymore in Among Us3:13:3325,953
2024-02-14Germany Pfandpiraten_TV#amongus I Let's Play Together I Verräter weilen unter uns... (feat. komische Leute)1:48:3016
2024-02-13Cyprus sofiko_sculpts | АрхивAmong Us #4 | Стрим | sofiko_sculpts2:11:451,744
2024-02-12Ukraine Zoya SHORTSALPHABET LORE AMONG US VS ORIGINAL #short #shortsgmod #gmodshorts0:552,741
2024-02-11 Mizutsuki GingaFemboy Detective Vtuber Plays Among Us [6]4:10:1813
2024-02-11Spain BEST android GAMESHELP ME: TRICKY STORY vs HELP ME STORY: TRICKY GAMES - Double Gameplay Satisfaying Mobile Android12:373,956

Latest Reviews For Among Us

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3 days agoGreece SlothyTechBest DNS Servers for Among Us - Ranked & Reviewed2:503
2024-02-15Indonesia FIRMAN KHAESUPER SUS 3D REVIEW - tampilan super keren dan efek luar biasa super sus9:181,508
2024-02-03United States Bricks By MindDragon Stone Shrine EARLY March 2024 Review! | LEGO Ninjago Dragons Rising Set 7181923:2639,897
2024-01-31United States JcCaylenEDITSEating At The BEST Reviewed Pizza Restaurant In America8:0618,848
2024-01-26United States SharpECHAT DECIDES MY FATE! - MEME REVIEW! - GAME NIGHT W/ CHAT LATER1:56:4624
2024-01-20India Deshi Boy#freefire #ffshort #gaming #amongus #headshots #gameplay #gamers #gamereview #youtubegamer #viral0:252
2024-01-16United States Liege of GamesAmong Cultists Review: Perfecting Among Us KILLING On The Tabletop, but...21:341,137
2024-01-09 IlyssaClean Skeld Imposter Plays | Among Us Vod Review12:03411
2024-01-08Pakistan Flash GamingSniper’s Serendipity in Valorant #gamers #freefire #gaming #amongus #gameplay #livegaming#gamereview0:2836
2024-01-08 universo c137J32. Among Us | Review Niño Ratense con los Niños Rata 🐭 🎮17:220
2024-01-02Indonesia 8CatsPlay🔴LIVE - REVIEW YANG BARU-BARU & MABAR SUPERSUS KUY | SUPER SUS2:03:161,329
2023-12-30 BLUEAIS.Darren11BEST OF BLUEAIS.DARREN11 Among Us 2023 (Highlights Review)9:0085
2023-12-14United States JusticeXFallsSo I Tried Pokimane's Cookies... Myna Snacks Midnight Mini Cookies Review22:2811
2023-12-14United States That1Gamerguess the game by its steam review! #20 #animation #shorts #gaming #steam #shortswars #trending0:252,457
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2023-12-01 ExeThis game might be better than Among Us - Goose Goose Duck Review4:0129
2023-11-30 SUS gAmEr YTAmong Us Fungle Cosmicube Review | I'M BACK!! | SUS gAmEr YT3:55303
2023-11-18Indonesia RTP ClipAkhir Nya Dapat Skin Evo Royale "Penguasa Takdir"!!! Gacha + Review Skin Sultan!!! Keren Banget Woy!13:141,345
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2023-11-04 HakimiGamerAmong Us || The Fungle Map Review - HakimiGamer36:588
2023-11-01Brazil mr siren 11kamogus?AMOGUS? meme #humor #moreviews #chickengun #chicken #viral #gun0:11140
2023-10-31Ireland TJM SquadNEW TFS 1.30.3 UPDATE REVIEW!!?! 😳 | Turboprop Flight Simulator2:063,961
2023-10-26 Ghost Gang Discord Server🍄 MAP REVIEW -  Among Us: FUNGLE ඞ | #gaming #amongus #sus #fungle #imposter0:22232
2023-10-25India ϟ Ignite ϟAmong Us Tha Fungle New Map Review | Among Us5:27118