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1.Italy Ryuma Brunestud8,598,507
2.China YanLihua言力華5,529,054
3.Thailand Twilight Raven2,561,112
4.United States Hawk2zer02,339,267
5. SR Farmer2,065,802
6.Australia Kito Senpai1,593,946
7.United States USERZ1231,547,727
8.Japan 番茶提督1,535,334
9.Korea, Republic of Akashi1,460,238
10.United States Shotgun Shogun1,446,652

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1.Japan 番茶提督575
2.Italy Ryuma Brunestud354
3.Korea, Republic of Akashi312
4.Russian Federation TenkenTV231
5.Russian Federation Ultrest217
6.Thailand P'GolfSucrim206
7.Poland Touhoufagit184
8. Scarlet_Lunacy179
9.United States USERZ123169
10.Spain SpaceDgn135

Latest Let's Plays For Azur Lane

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-08-28Russian Federation PozITiv_xz [Live Wallpaper]Azur Lane | Nagato [wallpaper]1:00400
2020-07-24United States PicuZzi [PC & Android]Azur Lane Wallpapers For Wallpaper Engine Part 2 (24.07.2020)3:141,362
2020-04-14 nezukoprprLive Wallpaper: Azur Lane Unicorn wanna me touch her head0:12317
2020-01-23United States Sir TapTapLet's Play Azur Lane | Dido Pulls! New Event & More2:00:13308
2019-10-23United States GuardianEZara Questline Playthrough - Storia Di Rosa [Azur Lane EN]25:312,227
2019-09-25Indonesia AniDrawAdmiral Hipper 【6K】 Azur Lane [Wallpaper Engine]0:54253
2019-09-16China YanLihua言力華【Azur Lane】Fanmade Live2D - Javelin wedding dress - animated wallpaper0:5232,745
2019-06-17United States RisingJerichoBRINGING THE POINTS IN - Azur Lane (Part 3) - PatreonPlays27:1057
2018-10-30 SR FarmerFallen Wings Part 13 - Dreamweaver Scene | Azur Lane Event Playthrough1:13922
2018-08-16 CinimitiLETS PLAY AZUR LANE ENGLISH oh wait server isn't ready yet..0:4397
2018-07-29 서리단풍벽람항로] 아이리스 B3. 횃불 작전 / 빛과 그림자의 아이리스. 아즈루 레인 2018년 7월 프랑스 이벤트. Azur Lane, アズールレーン, 光と影のアイリス)29:09302
2017-12-01Finland Jaakko LipasAzur Lane - Return of the War God (軍神の帰還) Boss Themes (Vs. Tester Alpha)9:2810,679

Latest Reviews For Azur Lane

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-08-12United States GuardianETop 10 Skins in AZUR LANE! [Year 2 in Review]17:043,014
2020-08-07United States Revel Ookami オオカミAzur Lane and Hololive Thigh Review【Revel Ookami】5:09:181,892
2020-07-11Spain SpaceDgnFate Simulation (FS) ¿Qué es? - Review FS PR1 y PR2 - Azur Lane Español16:053,781
2020-05-29 Todsaporn Thinphang-ngaアズールレーン (Azur Lane) Review Live2D St. Louis(セントルイス) Luxury Handle Skin L2D9:1062
2020-04-09Viet Nam OkeanAzur Lane | Review Hyuuga | Vừa thiết giáp hạm vừa mẫu hạm, vô cùng mạnh5:177,790
2020-03-27United States AkronThe Azur Lane Anime Was...16:321,304
2020-03-23United States HERMSAURALL WAIFUS COME TOGETHER | Azur Lane Episode 12 Reaction & Review10:163,337
2020-03-14United States Zerodomai KitsuneAzur Lane Review / Azur Lane the Animation Spotlight - The Quest for Gacha 135:291,350
2020-02-17 MOVED TO ANOTHER CHANNEL, NOT USING THISPolaris Skins Overview + TIER LIST | Azur Lane Skin Review 713:55212
2020-02-05Hong Kong CardOtakuDesuAzur Lane: HMS Centaur - 1/7 Scale Figure Unboxing/Review!9:21513
2019-12-30Australia Kito SenpaiI Paid People On Fiverr To Review Azur Lane Doujins/H3NTAI8:498,409
2019-10-24 It's A-KunWAIFU REVIEWS! Laffey, Javelin, Ayanami & Z23 | Azur Lane10:3522,568
2019-10-22Thailand Twilight RavenAzur Lane Halloween 2019's new skin personal review | Azur Lane2:531,858
2019-10-08Spain Mayorcete2AZUR LANE | ANIME REVIEW | ¿MERECIÓ LA ESPERA?10:347,080
2019-08-19United States FG3000 - The Deadly SinDaily Grind Review 2019 : Azur Lane17:3136,459
2019-05-04Spain Pirates ArmyWorld of Warships Español - Montpellier & Yukikaze a Fondo - Azur Lane Ships Full Review3:38:551,806
2019-03-23United States Shotgun ShogunAzur Lane - Chasing Yukikaze! - Gacha Pulls10:5311,153
2019-02-01Malaysia WING LEEAzur Lane (EN) - Lunar New Year Event Review31:5468
2018-11-28United States Fiaura The Tank GirlAzur Lane Brutally Honest Review20:125,019
2018-11-19Canada Just3cAzur Lane Neptunia Collab Event Preview/Ship Review7:0536,349
2018-09-13United States NimbleThorAzur Lane - NEW BULLET HELL-LIKE ACTION RPG! | MGQ Ep. 1737:41919
2018-08-28Canada AstranoxAZUR LANE (Android/iOS) Gameplay Review #2 - Azur Lane Trailer Guide Tips & Tricks Mobile Game F2P18:05109
2017-10-24Thailand Shorty BluejovaAzur Lane เกมมือถือ Action ธีมป่วยเรือที่ไม่ธรรมดา (Review)16:3151,318
2017-06-03United States USERZ123Azur Lane Features and Gameplay!26:5438,654