Bakugan Battle Brawlers

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1.United States Ninja Kidz TV26,334,865
2.Canada ★WishingTikal★10,039,421
3.United States GreaterNinjaT10,001,457
4.United States Bakugan Official Channel9,850,668
5.United States Atamaii4,148,433
6. Civer4,057,015
7.United States ExtremeToys TV3,285,188
8. Scribble Netty1,736,593
9.United States GNTversus1,641,458
10. ContraNetwork1,557,951

Latest Let's Plays For Bakugan Battle Brawlers

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-12-05Indonesia frenFranadConfig + Save Data Bakugan Battle Brawlers (Wii) | Dolphin Emulator Android15:581,490
2020-09-30Indonesia Zog KzrBakugan: Battle Brawlers Ps2 Dolphin Emulator Di Android Dan Config classik control5:241,899
2020-09-15Indonesia Neo GamerXTest Game Bakugan Battle Brawlers Di Chipset Helio P22 - Dolphin Emulator11:33599
2020-04-26Indonesia GWY Official? [LIVE 1233] Bakugan Battle Brawler - episode 12:49:09972
2020-04-23South Africa Prince of DarkusThere's Sand EVERYWHERE! // Bakugan Battle Brawlers Let's Play20:2164
2020-02-17 KaizouwarLet's Play Bakugan Battle Brawlers [Wii] Part 20: Burning Bright10:0151
2020-02-04 Supercosmoshadow9000Let's Play Bakugan Battle Brawlers DS [ITA] Ep.30 (FINALE)4:2750
2019-11-23Romania Lucky Lizard.32Lets play Bakugan Battle Brawlers EP 18 Rock wing16:4045
2019-04-04Greece petsasjim1Bakugan Battle Brawlers HYPERSPIN SONY PS2 PLAYSTATION 2 NOT MINE VIDEOSUSA0:3528
2019-03-15Canada TheSpadeHammerbroLp'sLet's Play: Bakugan Battle Brawlers Episode 12 - The Maximum Power Tournament [ 1/2 ]28:4537
2019-01-28Brazil Literalmente{Game}Emulação - Bakugan - Battle Brawlers in-game no Play! (PS2)12:5348
2018-12-16United States ☠Emulator_Team☠WII Emulator | Dolphin 5.0 | Bakugan Battle Brawlers | Motion controller settings | #16:496,089
2018-09-02France JantoniTvFINAL - OMEGA Leonidas Vs ALPHA Vladitor - Bakugan Battle Brawlers LET'S PLAY FR40:2810,867
2018-08-14 Free EmulatorBakugan Battle Brawlers | Dolphin Emulator 5.0-8533 [1080p HD] | Nintendo Wii13:4318,050
2018-04-28United States Whiff GamingBakugan Battle Brawlers - Bargain Bin26:3945
2018-01-15United States Karm VGMCBakugan Battle Brawlers (2009) (PlayStation 3 Game Music)1:23:302,577
2017-07-06 FunCade 64Bakugan Battle Brawlers ~ PS2 PlayStation 20:3555
2017-06-08United States Zodd The DestroyerBakugan Battle Brawlers : Playthrough : Part 4620:16295
2017-06-06United States TechUtopiaBakugan Battle Brawlers Wii Game Play on Android Smartphone Dolphin GC/Wii Emulator3:404,120
2017-05-17Spain Nightmare TeamNeo Geo Battle Coliseum Con un credito (1CC) (PlayStation 2) 18720:01472
2017-04-27United States RoidmanRoidman Plays Bakugan Battle Brawlers Part 119:47128
2017-04-17Germany LetsPlayWilkeLet's Play Bakugan Battle Brawlers - Folge 19 - Das große Finale!56:42401
2015-07-28Canada KhalbraeBakugan Battle Brawlers Title Theme Animatic (2009, NOW Production/Activision/Nelvana)1:132,633
2014-04-15Brazil CANAL DO NINJABakugan Battle Brawlers (Especial Parte 8, Final)15:257,059

Latest Reviews For Bakugan Battle Brawlers

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-12-19Canada Zeonic BladerBudget Pyrus B-Power: Pyrus Dragonoid Ultra (Armored Alliance) Competitive Review - Bakugan Pro2:46820
2020-12-05United States TheDetectivePYRUS ARCLEON! Geogan Rising Review | Bakugan PRO5:512,069
2020-12-03United States SquirrelStampedeBakugan Geogan Rising Season 3 Sneak Peek Review20:0136,606
2020-11-29Canada BakuTalk Haru RenArmored Alliance Ep. 32 Review: The Tokyo Catastrophe/ Bakugan Battle League Finale | BakuTalk6:021,549
2020-11-27 yuiADDpowerBakugan Playmat Review! (Kinda unboxing too I guess?)14:3234
2020-10-19Malaysia KamenSlasherzBakugan Battle Planet - 007 Battle Arena Blue Dragonoid & 017 Entry Level Set - Unboxing & Review27:2836,825
2020-09-10Thailand Mua Mark ReviewBakugan Review Ep.1 (บาคุกันรีวิว รวมตัวที่ชอบสุด)4:10290
2020-08-25 PokéPwr PonyBakugan: Fusion Force; *DRAGONOID INFINITY* Unboxing/Review46:44372
2020-08-16United States Aurelus Jakus#Bakugan #Anime #Review: Battle Brawlers Ep. 9-145:5519
2020-04-17 MrHistoricanBakugan: Battle Brawlers Review0:4514
2020-03-28United States ZizzacBAKUGAN: ARMORED ALLIANCE - Pyrus Dragonoid Ultra with BakuGear Unboxing & Review!10:321,132
2020-03-13 Hogun The GrimBakugan Armored Alliance Diamond Pegatrix Ultra starter set review29:2918
2019-09-09Hong Kong KcTobyCollectsTRUNKANIOUS ULTRA REVIEW & SLOW-MO (Bakugan Battle Planet | 爆丸 バトルプラネット | 星域爭霸 | 決戰星球)4:412,441
2019-08-27United States AlbedoRecayson019Bakugan : Battle Brawlers Season 1 TV Show Review12:5818
2019-05-31United States TheFrozenCavernBakugan Battle Brawlers Video Game (Garbage From Your Childhood?)20:035,677
2019-01-29 Civer¿Que le PASÓ a DUELO XIAOLIN? [Como NO continuar una historia]17:57776,940
2018-12-28 GreaterNinjaTLegacyBakugan Battle Planet Episode 2 Review11:37105
2016-08-14 LeckerLeckerBakugan Battle Brawlers: Defenders of the Core - Playstation 3 | Review/Test0:5537
2016-06-14Canada panicman10bakugan battle brawlers ds video review14:55332
2013-08-24 deathmog91bakugan battle brawlers review11:33175
2012-02-20 FarelREUPLOAD: Review: Bakugan Battle Brawlers (2&3/3)12:151,730
2009-10-30 locosporelpodcastBakugan Battle Brawlers analisis review4:52269,274
2009-08-11United States AtamaiiBakugauntlet Bakugan Battle Brawlers Game Toy Review HD6:534,149,862