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Channels: 3341-19.51%
Views: 4,20711,291-62.74%
Videos: 3961-36.07%
Duration: 1:13:44:353:06:23:26-51.85%

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Channels: 127142-10.56%
Views: 65,196150,536-56.69%
Videos: 265377-29.71%
Duration: 11:08:02:2912:06:52:31-7.74%

Channels With The Most Views

1.United Kingdom Who Am I6,280,541
2. Jourdal5,578,864
3.Japan arcsystemworks4,335,769
4. メノ(Meno)3,710,091
5.Indonesia Magatsu3,623,230
6.Germany Jay4Nines3,012,130
7. Koefficient2,681,824
8.Mexico Zyxxlolz2,592,989
9. gamechariot1,875,254
10. Dandy Antagonist1,873,916

Channels With The Most Videos

1. gamechariot1,644
2. Jourdal1,552
3.Japan 聖夜1,045
4. Awesomesac901
5.Japan 中野TRF公認チャンネル762
6.Mexico Zyxxlolz758
7.Japan ぜろ。/Zero.721
8.United States DGF615
9.Japan 鳴海の部屋 Narumi`s Room589
10. MrBornUnique578

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2024-05-25Philippines Fighting Game HubCelica's Astral Heat in BlazBlue: Central Fiction0:201
2024-05-01United Kingdom Al Games ReviewBlazBlue Central Fiction ★ PlayStation 3 Game {{playable}} List ( RPCS3 - ASUS ROG ALLY)36:5114
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2024-04-02United States ErcdoukenBlazBlue: Central Fiction (PC/Steam) - Makoto Nanaya Arcade Playthrough (Act.2)39:56150
2024-03-24United States Mr. Wright WayUnleashing the Power of PlayStation 4 Pro #videogames #ps4 pro0:57529
2024-03-20United States EtherealStar6139's FGC Replays & Stuff#BBCF - February 16-17 | BlazBlue Central Fiction Ranked Match Replays [1080p 60fps]59:4143
2024-03-14 KaizouwarONE-EYED LOTUS - BlazBlue Central Fiction Jubei Act 3 Arcade Mode | Kaizouwar Plays23:1027
2024-03-02 RosyTheRascal15BlazBlue Central Fiction (Makoto) Arcade Playthrough47:28418
2024-02-23Bahrain Loading GeekBlazBlue: Central Fiction (Steam/2017) - Makoto Nanaya [Act.1: Playthrough/LongPlay] (ブレイブルー: マコト)43:253,333
2024-01-21United States natearistataPSN Replays staying alive27:01201
2024-01-14United States Hagaishi TV"Best Bout Replays" BlazBlue CF - HAGAISHI vs JFIERCE #54:5731
2023-12-28Thailand WoRlD ModsNoel Vermillion replaces Elphelt1:43515
2023-12-20Russian Federation Nonexistent issueBBCF (dead game) - let's play a little maybe... - please don't 0-10....1:35:5354
2023-12-13 gf202020BlazBlue Centralfiction: Platinum The Trinity Score Attack Playthrough27:5494
2023-12-11 Onélio de Marchi, Jr.Onelio (The Last Helper) vs uoxscs2:219
2023-11-23Mexico pulsion11 DeNy『Nightcore』- Walpurgisnacht | Nine The Phantom - (Konoe Ayatsuki Mercury)3:55491
2023-10-27 《MдcCormick's Cave》#blazbluecentralfiction #opening 💙| BlazBlue Central Fiction #PS4shared #Gaming #shared #PlayStation1:3814

Latest Reviews For BlazBlue: Central Fiction

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Most Viewed BlazBlue: Central Fiction Video on YouTube

The most viewed BlazBlue: Central Fiction video on YouTube is Susanoo Terumi Theme - MUST DIE - BlazBlue CF with 3,012,130 views, published by Germany Jay4Nines on October 17, 2016.

Most Liked BlazBlue: Central Fiction Video on YouTube

The most liked BlazBlue: Central Fiction video on YouTube is HITBOXES with 50,953 likes, published by Indonesia Magatsu on May 31, 2021.

10,000 Videos on YouTube Milestone for BlazBlue: Central Fiction

On March 9, 2017, BlazBlue: Central Fiction reaches 10,000 videos on YouTube with the release of TC ORIGINS 2 - BBCF - WF White_Death999(Azreal) Vs. SAVI0R Jacope X(Arakune) by United States GameUndergroundStore, which has 8 views and 0 likes.