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Latest Let's Plays For Chrono Trigger

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4 days agoPortugal LeGhostThe Fated Battle - Let's Play: Chrono Trigger #9 (Blind)58:049
4 days ago Retro2GoLet's Play Chrono Trigger (PC) - Teil 05 - Prinzessin auf Abwegen22:1517
5 days agoCanada OdinspackLet's Play Chrono Trigger - Part 8 - Foodstuffs20:1030
5 days agoUnited States VidiocyTHE EXPOSITION EPISODE | Chrono Trigger Plus Let's Play #15 | Vidiocy20:4113
2020-04-01 TheStrawhatNO! Let's PlaysJRPG Discovery - Part 1: Chrono Trigger |TheStrawhatNO! streams1:52:39555
2020-03-29France SoratorChrono Trigger | Let's Play : FIN48:5327
2020-03-28United States MugiwaraJM PlaysChrono Trigger PART #2 | MugiwaraJM Streams2:41:520
2020-03-25United States FourFaceButtonsLIVE ! Chrono Trigger blind, PlayStation version part 65:15:0228
2020-03-19United States GameHorderLet's Play - Chrono Trigger - 1 aka COVID Trigger!1:01:40405
2020-03-18Italy DarschChrono Trigger #14 LIVE - Retro mobile gaming - Let's play ITA1:57:2717
2020-03-14United States Ungodly GamingzLet's Play Chrono Trigger Ep4321:550
2020-03-12Canada EvilCronos13Let's Play Chrono Trigger [SNES] - Part 75 - Nu Spekio25:0897
2020-03-03Germany SionArtworkFinale #56 - Chrono Trigger [Deutsch] [NDS] [LP]34:4013
2020-03-02France Les Jeux de Ryu511(redif live) Chrono Trigger Let's play FR - épisode 18 - Le royaume de la magie1:03:1511
2020-02-20United States ZetaPlaysChrono Trigger (SNES) - 28 - The Final Showdown32:0079
2020-02-18United States 3.5 geeksLets play Chrono Trigger - Part 11 - fly1:26:290
2020-02-17United States Andy Plays All NightTO CHANGE THE FUTURE, ONE MUST GO BACK TO THE PAST (again) | Let's Play: Chrono Trigger #2536:536
2020-01-18United States LancerLancer Plays Chrono Trigger+ - Part 63: Dino Age/What the Prophet Seeks/Memory Lane/Reunion38:0171
2020-01-03United States Nintendo AddictChrono Trigger: Jets of Time Randomizer | Blind Playthrough [#2]2:56:1870
2019-12-30Canada Erick Landon RPGErick Landon RPG Plays Chrono Trigger (PS1)2:04:591,969
2019-12-29 brisulphbrisulph's 119th Talkthrough - Chrono Trigger3:26151
2019-12-03Canada Don Gamer GuyDon Plays Chrono Trigger Part 1023:362
2019-11-30United States ACE OMEGAThe Future Agreed To Change - Chrono Trigger - Final29:494
2019-11-19United States MajinMetroidLet's Play Chrono Trigger - 018 - Ayla Like Kino BEST!18:376

Latest Reviews For Chrono Trigger

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2019-09-30United States CriticalJRPGChrono Trigger Part 60 Finale:Ending, Credits, and Game Review (Blind, With Commentary)22:134
2019-08-24United States Stew TubeChrono Trigger Review (From a First Time Player in 2019) [Stew Review]12:16220
2019-08-17Japan VenoixChrono Trigger Steam Review16:23156
2019-07-15United States NimbleThorAnother Eden - AMAZING OLD SCHOOL SINGLEPLAYER MOBILE RPG BY CHRONO TRIGGER DEVS! | MGQ Ep. 3619:28950
2018-09-19United States TheGamingArchaeologistChrono Trigger Retro Review4:292
2018-09-13United States Matthew Davis MediaChrono Trigger - Game Review9:34185
2018-08-13 Memory CardsCosmic Star Heroine Review | Heavily Influenced by Chrono Trigger4:051,166
2018-07-28 RaikouRiderDDR Custom Song - World Revolution - Chrono Trigger (Basic - Challenge)9:33120
2018-06-03United States Xygor GamingChrono Trigger Retrospective and Review10:463,561
2018-05-23United States Nerd Problems GamingChrono Trigger Review4:57189
2018-04-04United States DreamcastGuyThe Only Steam Game I HATE?! - Chrono Trigger Review9:0113,062
2018-03-23Belgium N-GamzChrono Trigger Steam PC: Test Video Review Gameplay FR HD (N-Gamz)16:351,809
2018-03-11United States oneluckybulletChrono Trigger Review7:18115
2018-03-08United States Work To GameChrono Trigger PC/Steam Review [Gamer Dad Reviews]4:49724
2018-03-07 ChunkyBeefChunkyBeef Reviews : Chrono Trigger (PC)8:2075
2018-02-28 Freya SaundersChrono Trigger - RPG-Meisterwerk überraschend bei Steam aufgetaucht, es hagelt negative Reviews3:3123
2018-02-28United States BombchuSquare Somehow Ruined Chrono Trigger On Steam?! | Bombchu Gaming News3:51202
2018-02-28United States SuperDan VlogsCHRONO TRIGGER STEAM RELEASE IS HATED BY EVERYONE?? Chrono Trigger PC Port by Square Enix4:1579
2018-02-28United States CornshaqCHRONO TRIGGER - STEAM REVIEW5:049,902
2018-02-27United States Media DiscordChrono Trigger Review Bombed On Steam For Being A Mobile Port23:57106
2018-02-27United States SuperDanCHRONO TRIGGER STEAM RELEASE IS HATED BY EVERYONE?? Chrono Trigger PC Port by Square Enix4:151,850
2018-02-27Germany Greg's RPG HeaveNGregor testet Chrono Trigger PC-Steam Edition (Review)27:1326,233
2018-02-11United States Indigo GamingChrono Trigger vs. Lost Sphear | Remaking a Masterpiece22:32264,352
2018-01-03 Dr. JayChrono Trigger Review | Through the Looking Glass20:11619