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Latest Let's Plays For Cry of Fear

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoUnited Kingdom NimpulseSweden Is Scary | Cry of Fear | 60 Min Spin | Nim Plays54:0220
2024-02-14United States The Don't Look Back NetworkLet's Play- I Am a Serial Killer- (PC/2023)- LP#22235:2617
2024-02-12United States MansTooLit CLIPSBro got jump scared into tears #shorts0:0615
2024-02-05United States PookieVideoGOD CASTS ME OUT! 😱👻💀 #shorts #paranormal #scarygaming #creepy #scarystories #gaming #god0:1293
2024-02-05 VijaKamConquering Fear | KamPlays! Cry Of Fear | Episode#9 FINALE55:162
2024-02-03 antisocialwreccThis game will send me to therapy... | Fruit Basket Plays: Cry Of Fear [Part 10]8:4636
2024-01-30Australia NayLerЯ ОБОСРАЛСЯ! | Cry of Fear | #215:154
2024-01-27Hungary SHOTIShoti Plays Cry Of Fear (bad idea)3:32:263,321
2024-01-18France KendroBTG3 JEUX D'HORREUR : I am a Serial Killer (616 Games), Gnarly Hike, Playcade (Let's Play FR)1:51:491,247
2024-01-15Austria GAMING TVLet's Play Cry of Fear #002 [Deutsch] [4k+ Das kleine Mistsackel-Kind von Stockwerk C Oida ..14:1719
2024-01-13United States UltraAverageGamingCRY OF FEAR | FULL PLAYTHROUGH | PART 4 - UAG1:00:356
2024-01-13 Diclonius Raxyn[Twitch VOD] Cry of Fear (Blind Playthrough - Finale)1:42:490
2024-01-08 ConnerLetsPlaysIst dieses Horror Game REALITÄT oder ALBTRAUM? | Deppart Prototype17:29149
2024-01-06United States ArchitectHe Went Insane.. (1st Donation!) (Simon's Hometown) ◆ Let’s Play Cry of Fear [Blind] - Part 81:17:4579
2023-12-24United States Boney McBonerton [SHADOWBANNED EVERYWHERE]"Three" Horror Game Lets-plays to Watch on Christmas Eve Night47:4323
2023-12-20Germany German Indie Horror GamesLet's play Fatal Midnight14:2267
2023-12-17France Mathias AkioCry of Fear - let's play FR EP 23:51:016
2023-12-11Germany D3athrowTaschenlampe und Bossfight! Die perfekte Mischung!0:205,695
2023-12-10United Kingdom EddventureTime58Cry of Fear: First Playthrough: Part 5 (Stream VOD)1:26:1310
2023-12-05 1Maik1LifeLet's Play Cry of Fear - Custom Story - "Hotel Terror" - Speedrun dat Shit | mit 1Maik12:2016
2023-12-01Germany WeisseWoelfeTVDer Alptraum kann beginnen - Allein im verlassenen Untergrund 👹 Deppart Prototype16:429
2023-11-30United States TheManNightmare House 2 let's play ending20:1416
2023-11-30Russian Federation MaixtDead Lab Прохождение ► Dead Lab ► прикольный ИНДИ-ХОРРОР12:0932
2023-11-28Germany SchnetzelCry of Fear | Weit kommen wir nicht 2/2 (First Playthrough/Deutsch)16:1423
2023-11-14Russian Federation Barabas ► PlayСТРАШНЫЙ ДОМ ❤︎STEAM❤︎ (THE HOUSE) #EDOARTGAMES41:1148

Latest Reviews For Cry of Fear

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2024-01-18Germany SpeckObstlerBloß für Edgelords oder tatsächliches Meisterwerk? | Cry of Fear Review40:193,212
2023-12-16United States Straw242Can't Miss Out On A Free Horror Game With Good Reviews | Cry of Fear - Part 13:01:5383
2023-10-07United States Addy LovestarCry of Fear | Review & Analysis2:01145
2023-10-03United States Game GraderCry of Fear (Review) - Best FREE Horror Game? #shorts0:5549
2023-09-26Peru 2HuntleoHuntleo reacciona a "CRY OF FEAR: Depresión y jumpscares (review)"27:5044,877
2023-09-10Philippines Pakazone Gaming ChannelI Regret Trying This Itchio Game - Echoes of Fear Proto Type8:15105
2023-08-22Argentina Shiro BeilCRY OF FEAR: Depresión y jumpscares (review)13:1050,661
2023-06-08 Boulder PunchCry of Fear Review | A Horror Masterclass (That's For Free)23:37212,458
2023-04-23United States someonesleazyThe Last Cry Of Fear Stream1:33:5862
2023-04-03India SPARK VKCRY OF FEAR Gameplay on GT 710..20:1265
2022-12-01 ConnoaThis shooter has 20 reviews on steam and is NOT good...9:20230
2022-05-24United States TheFlyingChowderWHY THIS 10 YEAR OLD GAME STILL HOLDS UP! | Cry Of Fear "Look-back" review5:4058
2021-10-20 ProbablyJacobThe Cry of Fear Review12:2524,994
2021-10-02Viet Nam TazeeMGResidence of Evil Gameplay Review6:02163
2021-06-29United States The ZMan StashCold Shot | A spoiler free Indie Horror Game Review6:5962
2021-02-14 Game FilterCry of Fear Critical Review26:39265
2020-11-26Germany SmartWargamesSmartReview on Cry of Fear - Great Horror FPS on the Gouldscource Engine27:1142
2020-09-30Australia SunderlandSpookCry Of Fear Review - The BEST Free Horror Game You Need To Play - SunderlandSpook57:047,124
2020-09-26United States Sputnik34Comparing: Cry of Fear & Grey32:32631
2020-09-23 Ben Baer ProjectsCry of Fear - Ben Baer Projects Review (Обзор) Часть 24:1511
2019-10-29Puerto Rico SonicboltCry Of Fear - Review12:011,654
2019-10-28United Kingdom The Mason ScaleHorror Review: Cry Of Fear7:282,528
2019-06-01United Kingdom That British BeeCry of Fear Review [SERIES FINALE]28:5578
2019-02-19Ireland Shepples03.04 Review (The Video Game Autopsy)17:06118
2018-01-06United States Poor Soul i half review Vinescauce Full Sauce7:213